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installing yoshi slip on for GS500

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I recently got a gs500f and just received my yoshimura slip on exhaust in the mail
    Anyways i just wanted to know if this is something that is worth attempting to install myself.
    I noticed the instructions say that the old muffler is simply cut off and the new one is clamped on (doesnt seem like there is any welding which i thought was wierd).

    Has anyone else done their own install?
    I am mostly doing it as i find it difficult finding a time to get the bike to a bike shop to do it and they all seem to want to charge me a fair bit for what i cant imagine is more than 30min labour or so.

    The instructions for fitting the muffler are at this link: http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/images/product/pdf/1150265.pdf

    I appreciate your input.

  2. A yoshi on a GS500?




    Anyway, the weirdness of this not withstanding: do it yourself.

    Sucks that you have to cut it, but provided you have a hacksaw you should be able to get it right. Doesn't look overly complicated.
  3. Probably easy enough to get the pipe on but the difficulty might be in getting the carburation right. Jap fours are notorious for needing to be rejetted after you fit a free flowing exhaust and the twin might be a little more forgiving, but if you run lean and burn a hole in a piston, you might regret not having the job done in a shop.

    If you do it yourself keep your eye on your plugs for the first few hundred K's at least.
  4. the gs500 is a parallel twin not a four....
    I know many who used slip ons on the gs without rejetting with no issues.
    not a hard job to do so as long as you can use a hacksaw, shouldn't be too hard.
    Just be sure you cut it in the right spot...
  5. read it again joe
  6. oops.....
  7. i had a yoshi on my GS, you do need to cut... no weld, its a slip-on..... allow for a couple of inches for the existing pipe to sleve inside the yoshi and where you will be cutting is very thin metal. No jets are required.. just put in on and go...

    Is yours a triangle shape like mine was ?

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  8. the later model gs's run lean from the factory so it meets emission's controls

    and if you change the pipe you should re jet.
  9. Whitie, I see you're trying to extend the life of your tyres in that second photo!
  10. Hehe.. I was "trying something out"
  11. an airborne gs500....

    now i've seen everything.

    Xlar8 is right, alot of bikes are tuned lean (some dangerously so) to meet emissions. I'd get it tuned the next time you take it to the shop. It should be included in your next service anyway :D
  12. Thanks for the advice all. Yes whitie, mine is the triangle shape.
    Did you have any issues with the boys in blue or insurance after mounting the muffler?
  13. Po-Po.. no probs..
    As for the pipe, didnt have it included. oh well..

    The rocks that I crossed getting to this fence stuffed it...

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