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Installing Ventura brackets on Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Macca1983, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Hey all.
    Just bit the bullet and bought Ventura brackets, a rack and a bag for my Across. Very little installation instructions. I've pulled apart the back end and tried to follow the directions but it phiscally does not seem to work for me.... Grrr. Anyone else done this themselves or anyone have any helpful suggestions that don't require me paying someone to do it.
    Even better if someone would like to lend a hand i'm in the illawarra.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Get a hammer, and if that dont work..

    Get a BIGGER hammer!
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  3. I removed the ventura rack on my Across. I remember when I purchased the bike, the rack was hitting the fairing on both sides...unfortunately on one side it broke a bit off the corner.

    I will have a look when I get home since I am wanting to reinstall the rack and get back to you.
  4. Since the brackets are a lil' different for each bike I dont know wot to help you with,
    have installed a set on my 14, and just today I removed a set from a 14 I'm working on in the shed so tell me, wots the drama...?? wot bike do you have...??

    With mine, I had two securing bolts for the rear of the tail that I had to remove, and replace with slightly longer ones supplied plus add a small 50mm length of supplied metal sleeve to the fixture when fitting the brackets.......plus one rail clamp at the forwardmost point secures on top of the bike subframe rail while the other side secures under the subframe rail:-s

    Connect it all loose fitting once all on, then tighten, dont go tightening up one bolt and moving on otherwise it doesnt work[-(
  5. Now I assume mine is actually a Ventura rack, because there are no signs on it of any kind to indicate brand name. It was advertised as a Ventura rack when I bought it with the bike so I surely hope I didn't get lied to. Here is a photo of mine...


    I took some photos when I re-installed it. Hope this helps you :).

    Just to let you know, you don't really have to remove the fairings to install it. However it makes it easier with the indicator wiring. Both sides are the same, so I only took photos of one side...also because I can't remove the right hand side fairing due to one stubborn bolt. I would also like to note that the fairings actually touch the rack bars...so you might want to loosely fit the rack up, put the fairings back on (after you plug all the wiring/zip tie it to the frame) and then tighten up the rack. I'm not sure how to remedy this rubbing, but both my fairings have paint rubbed off it where they touch.


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  6. [​IMG]



    With the indicators...I found that they don't sit horizontal when fitted, they droop down which made it look sad. So I got at it with a hammer and bent the holders to make it more level...just be careful with bending it though, if you did the way I did, the L bracket won't be an L anymore. The flat bit which the indicator slides through is now curved...leaving a small gap between the indicator and bracket surface...nothing I'm too worried about, but the lights are much more level than sad.

    Good luck :)

    EDIT: I just noticed what a crap fitted photo I took...should have taken a photo with the WHOLE thing in view...now I can't be arsed taking another photo. So this will make do.
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  7. Thankyou thankyou thankyou phongus. so easy once you know how, feel a little silly. Anyway it's installed now ready to roll.
    Btw phongus have you done any mods or added anything else to your suzuki? I'm new to the biking world and wouldnt mind starting to tinker and was wondering what I could do to my across
  8. No problem Macca.

    Haven't done anything else to the bike...besides giving it a service once in a while. Was going to try and fit twin disc brakes out the front by using a combination of different forks/triple clamps, stopped research for home renovations. It is a good idea to maybe get the front forks rebuilt if they haven't before. Mine need new internal springs...might put a heavier one in there and also a thicker oil...since mine bounces and has the worst rebound.

    I want to modify the airbox as well so I can fit a popular/cheaper air filter in...the Across air filter is about $50 for a genuine one...can't find any after market one. If not I might cut up the old one, remove the internal paper bit and replace it with a foam one that can be removed/cleaned/oiled when servicing. Heated grips is also on my list of things to do, if you plan on doing a lot of commuting in the cold, it is a good investment.

    Some mods I wouldn't mind doing for fun would be fitting a power socket in the boot, would come in handy in many occasions. A cup holder (yes a cup holder) with heating elements for the morning coffee run...big enough to hold one of those reusable keep-cups or whatever they are so you can close the lid on!

    By the way, I advice you to check your battery terminals every now and then, just to make sure you don't lose electrical power like I did due to corroding terminals. Was stranded on the freeway without the electrics working...ironically, to get to the tools to fix the problem you need the boot release to work. You can manually open the boot when you remove the seat, but you can't remove the manual release cover without a screw driver, which is in the boot *face palm*. I now have a screw driver from the kit taped to the bottom of the seat.

    Once money starts flowing, I might do little mods here and there :).
  9. I put a power socket in but didn't really understand the concept of a relay (yes i am that clueless) had it hardwired to the battery was great for keeping the phone charged but the socket simply died one day. when I can be assed I'll put a new one in.

    I want to put new blinkers on it eventually get rid of those shitty boxy lights. porbably front ones will be on the mirrors.

    Other than that im not sure what else i could do. I do eventually want to paint it all black with some highlights of possibly blue
  10. [​IMG]

    Make your own rack