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Installing the IXIL Euroline Oval exhaust on a GSX650F

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by friction, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Well, I assumed that this process was going to be a little easier than I expected - and to be honest if I had to do it all again it would be - but learning as you go is the only way to fly.

    First things first, remove the existing exhaust. The GSX 650F has a circular exhaust clamp with a foot guard attached that is used to hold the stock exhaust onto the end of the cat (you can see it hanging on attachment 1). Loosen the two bolts holding it on, remove the bolt holding the exhaust to the pillion foot peg and with a bit of up-down left-right movement the whole exhaust system slides off the cat.

    Next, the new exhaust comes as 3 parts - the silencer itself, the pipe to the silencer, and the bracket to hold the exhaust to the footpeg. Connect the pipe and silencer (don't foget the provided rubber o-ring to create a nice seal), but leave the screws that hold them together loose - this allows the pipe to freely rotate while connected to the silencer.

    At this stage if you try and attach the new pipe to the existing cat, you'll find that there's a gasket made of fibreglass and metal thread that prevents the pipe from being put on sufficently deep. See attachment 1. The stock muffler pipe is actually a larger diameter than the cat to which it connects, but the IXIL pipe is the correct size - so that gasket needs to be removed. It doesn't pull off easily, and I ended up cutting through it with a stanley knife (which through metal threads takes a long time). If I ever need to go back to the stock exhaust, I'll need a new gasket!

    Now the new pipe and exhaust can be put into place. At this stage you'd normally use some heat resistant silicon (from any auto shop) to ensure a good seal between the cat and the new pipe, but I'd recommend a dry run first. With the new pipe fitted over the existing pipe, rotate the new pipe until the kink in it positions the new silencer in approximately the correct location for the clamp to be fitted.

    Because the silencer can still freely rotate, that makes positioning the bracket around it (which has the same oval shape) much much easier. Use the provided screw, screw cover and bolt and attach the bracket to the ouside of the footpeg bracket. Using the inside means that the pipe rubs against the frame of the bike, so don't do that. The bracket connects to the peg as per attachment 2, and the new pipe goes over the existing cat pipe enough that the gaps in the new pipe are covered by the pipe it's sliding over. See attachment 3.

    Once you're happy with how it's all sitting, take the bracket off, pull the new system off the cat and put a line of heat proof silicon on the outside of the pipe from the cat, and on the inside of the new pipe just behind the slots. Put it all back together, reattach the bracket, attach the provided clamp and tighten it just enough so it seals the new pipe to the existing cat. After an hour or so, come back and fully tighten the clamp's bolts so it seals as well as possible.

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  3. Quite helpful. Cheers.