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Installing stock exhaust for RWC

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Compleks, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Thanks/.Greetings all.

    My xvs650 has a set of Vance & Hines. I think they are the short shots, but not entirely sure. This is my first bike and I don't know much about them.

    Anyway, I need to put the stock exhaust back on for it to pass the roadworthy check.

    I have the exhaust and a box of other bits and bobs that came with the bike.
    Is it difficult to swap the exhaust myself.? I assume it's fairly straight forward, and I'm not completely useless with that sort of thing.
    Will I need any additional mounting brackets or gaskets to get the job done?

    Any advice on the procedure.?
  2. I wouldn't change it until u get knocked back on the roadworthy mate. The guy who does my bikes and cars couldn't care less about pipes. I would book in and roll it into workshop off to keep it as quiet as possible and cross your fingers
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  3. Cheers basejumper, but I already failed...
    Had to get a decibell check, and was just over.

    But if someone can recommend a place in Melbourne that would sign it off, then that would be great.

    Thanks all.
  4. I'm not too familiar with your bike, but i have an R1 and i have changed mine on 3 occasions. That is Cans, Joining Pipes and Y-pipe. first time took a while as i removed far more fairing pieces than i needed to. Now i can do the whole lot in around 2 hours.
    All my brackets and mounts are the same, but always leave everything just finger tight until you have it all together then tighten all nuts etc.
    Another good tip is to use an old muffin tray (careful if you're married like me), to place nuts/screws/clips etc in order of removal. This helps a lot when re-fitting.
    Hope that helps?
  5. I would look for easier way out. What about eBay generic baffles u shove down the end of the pipes and a few balls of steel wool ? Cheap and easy
  6. What year is you bike and what did it read on the db meter?
  7. It's a 2012 model. Not sure what the reading was to be honest.

    I will have a look into the baffles, but would I have to take it to a different mechanic then?
    I have already paid and have 5 days left to bring it back in.

    Pain in the ass really.
  8. No u don't need to take it to different place.
  9. Changing out the exhausts on the 650 is pretty easy. You might need to get a new gasket for the lower slip-on exhaust. It depends how long they have been in place, and how they were fitted whether you need to do the head gaskets as well.
    I changed my exhausts to V&H Cruisers and had to replace the gasket when I refit the original pipes for a RWC.

    You should be able to swap them within an hour. All tools needed should be in the original toolkit. I ended up get an extra long Allen key for the rear header bolts to make it a little easier.
  10. Was gonna ask are the baffles in or not. I'll assume not.

    I've got short shots on my xvs650 and yeah they're reasonably loud.
    I got the baffles with the bike but haven't used them so can't comment on the noise difference.
    I'd definitley look at baffles if it was only just over the limit, saves changing pipes.

    That said, as above, changing the pipes isn't hard.
  11. The baffles are in, but they aren't the quiet baffles that are available from v&h.

    I'm just going to change the pipes and get it done with.
  12. Take baffles out and stuff a few of those big balls of steel wool down the end then put baffles back in. That will surely pass. Then take them out when u get home
  13. Hmm. I might give that a crack first.
    Should have done it the first time...
  14. There is a sticker somewhere on your bike, either on the frame or possibly under the seat. It will clearly state what db and rpm the stationary test the bike was passed at. You are legally able to exceed the reading by 5db.

    I would be asking for proof the exhaust is over the limit and a 'professional' opinion isn't good enough.
  15. U can get a decibel app for your phone. That way u can test it and make sure it passes before going back to the mechanic
  16. That's interesting. I'd like to know how loud mine is with the short shots on it.

    To the play store I go...
  17. Thanks for all the help gentlemen. I will let you know how it goes.

    Anyone know what the maximum legal db reading is anyway.?
    I'll have a look for that sticker, but I don't recall seeing one anywhere on the bike.
  18. These baffles will not budge.!
    They aren't even screwed in, and I can't move them a mm.
  19. So that failed miserably.

    Looks like I'm getting the stocks put back on.
    Unless anyone can recommend a mechanic in Melbourne that will road worthy a xvs650 with Vance and Hines short shots...??
  20. Before I go pulling things apart myself, can someone confirm if I will need to change the mounting bracket to fit the stock exhaust back on.?