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Installing resistors for 2008 R1 help!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by celinou, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I bought a 08 R1 which came with already installed led lights and flashers. But as you all probably know it's flashing way to fast and have been told to get 12V resistors and that I would need 2 of them, one for right and one for left.

    So bought 2 12V resistors from supercheap auto but now I have no idea how to install them! It seems to me that I might need 4 of them? one for each light?

    Have also googled it but all results speaks about relays.. which would have been great if I didn't buy the resistors... (*,)

    anyone can help me install the resistors?!

  2. Go back to supercrap and get a LED flasher, saves a lot of trouble.
    It may need to be rewired slightly to fit, but saves the trouble of using resistors....
  3. wouldn't a relay be easier than re-wiring?
  4. Relay / flasher, same thing.

    On my bike, when I added the led flasher, I just had to add a couple of short sections of wire to match the different pin configuration.

    Much easier than adding inline resistors.

    You can buy from ebay, led flashers that should just plug in, where the original flasher unit is....

  5. ah ok cool cool! hmm where is the original flasher unit? sorry noob at it :angel:
  6. Not exactly sure on the 08 model, but on mine, it's under the seat....
  7. i will have a look at the manual! thanks! will go return the resistors to supercheap auto tomorrow then! :)
  8. thanks Takamii!

    Can you explain to me how to change it? I called up yamaha in the city and charging me $110 for 1hr labour + price of correct resistors :s
  9. i meant installing the relay! I'm getting one from the yamaha city this afternoon so I can install it tonight
  10. take seat off , unplug old relay , plug in new one
  11. thanks Takamii! will try that tomorrow!
  12. fixed! thanks Takamii!
  13. damn. only just seen this thread. Had a yamaha flasher relay laying around. I bought an integrated tail light for an 11' R1. Came with a sub harness with load resisters. It was enough load to slow the front down as well so i didnt end up needing to install the flasher relay