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Installing kickstand Honda CBR250RR MC22

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Nathan D, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. Haven't posted my own thread before so bear with me :D

    Got myself a CBR250RR. Do I love it? Yes I do. Except for one thing and that's the current kickstand. It's too low and whenever I'm about to stand my bike I feel as if it's going to tip over. So I got myself a used MC22 kickstand in order to replace it.

    Now my question, is it difficult to replace the kickstand? I was reading the user manual and doing a physical inspection and it seems I may have to remove fairings and seats just to connect the kill switch.

    If anyone has done the above operation, tips and hints would be great.


    Nathan D
  2. took the kickstand off the spada....pretty sure they're close except the spada doesn't have a kill switch on it.

    Just two bolts haha..
  3. Yeh I know the two bolts are easy to remove but it's the killswitch that's the biggest problem. It's too much effort. :dead:
  4. if your not worried about the kill switch, cut it and (depending on how your particular switch works, NC or NO) short and insulate, or keep separate and insulate.

    this will trick the bike into thinking the kick stand is up all the time.

    Disclaimer: this will probably make it technically un-roadworthy and you do so at your own risk and otherlegalBSthatisspokenreallyfastwithsomenamesattheend
  5. Well, I had nothing better to do and attempted to install the kickstand. Not that hard I must say. A bit tedious yes, but overall very straightforward. It seems I had to remove the left rear side fairing in order to remove the old killswitch and replace it with the new one. Loosening the left side fairing also gives you more room to push your hands in there to pull the cable around the bike. Running the cable through the bike isn't hard because there's clips that show where it's suppose to go. Overall quite a simple job in fact. (y)
  6. Job done, Go riding, that's an order. ;)
  7. Yessir!