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Installing Küryakyn ISO Grips - Any tips?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Hipster Doofus, May 12, 2007.

  1. I'll be installing some Küryakyn ISO Grips when they get here from the States. I've also got some stiletto end caps & a throttle boss on the way.

    I've never even played with the throttle adjustment let alone take it apart. Anything I need to watch out for?

    Also when installing the left grip some are saying to use double sided golf grip tape instead of the glue because the glue sets straight away. No room for error.

    Any suggestions or tips?
  2. I like contact cement for grips, just use it as a liquid, don't apply to both sides etc as you normally would.
    Gives plenty of shuffle time, stays flexible so it won't break, and can be easily dissolved later on with many solvents.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. OK contact cement is on the list. Thanx Andrew. :grin:
  4. Oh, and the bike will usually have a tube the grip slides over, this tube is conected to teh throttle cables. Easiest way to remove old grips, if you don't want them anymore, is to cut down the middle and peel them off.
    Ensure cleanliness for the glue by cleaning teh tubes with solvent etc, and any corrosion.
    Teh left handlebar will just be a plain tube.
    Regards, Andrew.
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  6. You might want to pm Blue14 as he has just installed some of those grips.
    The throttle linkages are pretty straight forward as I had mine in bits about 6 times last night as I just installed risers and had to reroute the cables to get some more length.
  7. Ken i have just fitted some mate.. Follow the instruction supplied with grips and you will be fine.. Comes with everything you need buddy. The glue they supply is just super glue, so thats the only tricky bit, you have to get the grip where you want it, or it will get stuck.

    Only grip you slice is the left one. The right one comes off complete with sleeve, and new one goes on the same way.
    You will love them. Stops the vibration completely.. Yell out if ya need a hand, more than happy to assist..

    But once again, comes with complete instructions which is spot on..
  8. Looks like I'll be going with the contact cement. I can let it set over night. Don't trust myself with super glue. :shock: Thanks for the help everyone. & the mobile call. :cool:

    Just have to wait for it all to get here now. :eek:
  9. Got it all installed. ISO grips, stiletto end caps, throttle boss plus a brake pedal cover.

    Glad I went with the contact glue. As I did a dry test the rubber on the grip peeled inwards & started to go under the grip.

    It's all sitting in the shed waiting for the glue to set. :)

    Good thing it is raining. Takes the temptation away to go for a ride. :LOL:

    Thanks again for all the help.
  10. All good mate. The grip would have slipped on no probs with glue on there.. SO you got the throttle boss too hey.. And whats with the stiletto end caps. :shock:
  11. Can't wait till the morning & give the grip a twist. Damn thing better hold. :shock:

    I ordered the stiletto caps then found a thread on another site with detailed pics of how to use the oem caps. :roll: I like the look though.

    Also I didn't follow the instructions & cut the left grip off. I used a coat hanger wire & managed to pry it off in one piece.

    Just have to go for a ride & adjust the throttle boss. Hope it does an OK job.
  12. Well the contact glue didn't work. Went out this morning & the grip slid right off. :LOL:

    Cleaned it up & used the super glue. Now it is on good & proper. It was good to do a couple of run throughs though.
  13. You are such a Hipster Doofus.. :LOL: