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installing clipon bars

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by drjay555, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    just got a set of Apex adjustable clipon bars from Sportbiketrackgear in the US. Very well made and plan to install it on my Ninja 1000. Not having done this before could anyone tell me if the bike needs to be supported/suspended in any way when removing the triple clamp? I do have front and back wheel stands.
    any advice/suggestions would be very welcome.
    Hopefully get it installed this weekend and then post some photos.

  2. No tricks, it's as simple as it looks. The Apex ones are split clamp no? So to install them you don't need to remove the top triple clamp, but to remove the OEM clipons you will, ha ha, sorry. The bike will be happily suspended by the lower triple clamp even when you remove the top clamp, no need to hang it off the ceiling or put it on stands. There might be a locating screw of the OEM clip on to the top triple clamp, and around the fork leg as well. Make sure undo all the bolts before trying to yank the OEM ones off.

    Remember to put loctite on all screws, don't do them up too tightly, and ensure both sides are equal - use OEM bar position as a start and work you way from there. Also, OEM bars have the holes in them for the locating pegs in the switchgear to lock into place (it will make sense when you see it). DO NOT cut the locating pegs off the switchgear! Drill a hole in the bar, it will be fine, don't worry. Use OEM lengths and hole diameters as a guide. Put the top triple clamp back on, do them up to ~19nm to avoid creating unnecessary stiction, then do up steering nut, generally ~100nm but check it first.

    If you noticed that when you removed the top triple clamp the forks spread apart slightly it can mean the forks arent in alignment/triples are tweaked. Loosen the axle and lower pinch bolts when putting it back together, put the top clamp on but loose, bouncy bouncy, do up the top clamp incl steering nut, bouncy bouncy, then do up the axle & pinchies & it will be ok.
  3. Sounds simple enough for the technically minded . Maybe if it was someone who has never really done this kind of work before might find it a bit challenging. Maybe search for picture directions too on the www just as a guide?.
  4. Apex bars installed.. Tried out on an 80km ride this arvo while the sun was out and it feels good. Just give that little more of a lean forward to allow me to slide muy butt backward as well ....

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