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Installing bike alarm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Heya,

    I've finally got around to getting the bike alarm many of us purchased a while back. Now I need help installing it, I'm not good with anything other than fuses and don't want to fark it up. Does anyone here REALLY know what they are doing and can help or does anyone know a good auto electrician not too far from Footscray?

    Thank all.
  2. me too,i have the alarm but not installed yet
  3. I have done mine, and may be able to help, you need to have a soldering iron, wiring diagram specific to your bike.
  4. how hard was it? (i'm thinking of getting one).
  5. I have often pondered the idea of an alarm (but I find it too alarming!)

    Seriously, what sort of prices should you pay and what are the pros and cons? I mean a determined thief is going to get your bike if he really wants it, right?

    Does having an alarm only annoy the neighbours and lead to complacency?

    Is it worth it when you're sometimes so far away from the bike that you can't hear it?

    Any ideas???

    PS: I'm in NSW so can't offer help in terms of your particular installation (and you wouldn't want ME stuffing around with your wiring anyway!)

    Best of luck with the install.
  6. It took a bit to install it, but it's not to hard as long as long as the bikes wiring is colored & matches the wiring diagram. Took me about 4 hours of mucking around. Also depends on where you want to put it. e.g. under the seat or tank.
  7. I had a spyball on the babyblade.

    After the first 6 months the novalty wore off and it became a pain in the arse.
  8. My personal option is, I think they only stop honest people, the pro's won't have a problem, so I rekon insurance is a better option.

    Good luck fitting the alarm
  9. Would love to help mate but the last time i touched wiring on a bike i burnt out the wiring harness . Good luck with it tho.
  10. Installed an alarm on my R1. Wiring in my diagrams don't match the bike which is a pain in the arse. Sugest buying a Voltimeter gauge (VOM $10-$15), to help you locate the other end of the wires in the harness and check for voltage.
    The problem i had was i installed the alarm and tested continuesly, din't ride the bike for 2 weeks (typical shit melbourne wheather), and it drained my battery!! Make sure you charge you battery or ride your bike after you install it.
    Oh, and if you think you need to trial and error wires (meaning you don't know which wire gos wear in your bike according to the wireing diagram) don't install it youself.
  11. Your alarm is wired in just as good as your strobes were. LOL
  12. I've done two of them so far so I would be happy to help, the only thing I haven't wired in is the immobilizer part as I am a bit hesitant on touching the ignition.

    How about we make a central meeting point so we can all work it out together??

    I can provide a Voltimeter and a soldering iron, though I have been crimping the wiring for a neater job

    You can download most wire diagrams off the net
  13. Wait for the spanner day????
  14. Deyago,

    If you need a hand shoot me a pm...I would be happy to help you install it...by the way Foxy I always do the starter circuit on bikes for safety reasons...in the unlikely event of an alarm failure you don't want to have the ignition cut out when cranked hard over...could unsettle the bike and cause an accident
  15. I took about an hour to put mine in. I used a set of spade connecters. To graft the alarm wire onto an existing wire, I stripped half an inch of insulation off the existing wire, doubled it over and crimped it into a female insulated spade connecter. Put the male on the wire from the alarm.

    The indicator wires are easy to find.

    For the wire that carries voltage when the ignition is on, I used the taillight wire, since my taillight is hard-wired. For the 'allways on' power supply, I cheated and used the wire to the accessory socket, but it shouldn't be hard to trace the battery positive and find a suitable wire that's always on.
    For the earth, I just tapped into one of the existing earth wires.
    Mine is mounted under the seat, so all those wires were nearby.

    I've left out the immobiliser for the moment. A bit nervous about possible false alarms when riding. A couple of times I've had the control in my pocket and accidentally tripped it.
  16. Well i installed the alarm the weekend after the group buy went ahead, and havent had any problems with it so far. Funniest thing that has happened so far was i was riding down the Eastern and moved in a way that caused my car keys & bike alarm fob in my pocket to get squished together. Moments later i notice my indicator was flashing and i wasnt indicating!

    Then the music i'm listening to quietened down a bit and i realised i'd activated the panic alarm! ROFLMAO :D Thankfully i was at the end of the freeway so just had to pull off and disarm it again.

    I never bothered installing the immobiliser as i only really wanted it as a warning mechanism / deterrant for thieves and drunk piss-heads walking home from the pub. Might eventually get round to it but its fine for the moment.
  17. is there anyone out there who could install my bike alarm,which i picked up a year ago when the group bought the alarms????

    i know im a slack ass.

    plz pm me and we will wrk sumthing out
  18. I beg to differ. If you can get to your bike during the theft, then you have a good
    chance. I am (slowly) developing a new alarm system that will ring you up when it
    gets triggered ;)

    Good luck in getting your insurance paid out. Most reputable insurance
    companies don't insure bikes.

  19. Unsure on what you mean most reputable insurance companies don't insure bikes. I have comprehensive on a bike through NRMA , price not excessive $400 p.a.
  20. Huh?

    Are you high? What do you consider a reputable insurance company?

    I got quotes for insurance on my bike from Swann, Western QBE and RACV. I don't believe any of them have a bad name.