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Installing a Turbocharger.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. I want to install a Turbocharger on my motorcycle, where can you buy turbos for motorcycles? How do you install it?

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  2. OP prepare ur angus

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  3. Yeh boy

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  4. boy_racer is back! let the fun beggin
  5. You'd almost think it's full moon out tonight....
  6. You have to go to kmart, preferable in your foil hat around 3.30am on an unusually clear and bright night. Buy the cheapest vacuum cleaner they have there, but it has to have a bag it can't be a bagless vacuum cleaner. You also need to buy a pair of thongs, some camera film and some personal lubricant (you're going to need it).

    Return to your underground lair and begin dismantling the vacuum cleaner. Once you get to the vacuum pump, you need to set it to on, pour lubricant in it and, placing it safely on your pair of thongs after wrapping yourself in your camera film, proceed to make sweet passionate love to the vacuum pump, just like your uncle used to do to you. You will find the dangerous moving parts highly arousing once you get over the minor detail of your gentleman sausage being horribly severed, but you are probably used to that feeling after years of bizarre masturbation rituals conducted in your parents rooms while they slept.

    Once you've done this, scour the room for any remnants of aforementioned gentleman sausage and, scooping them into a tight handful, throw them up and over your head while dancing around as the little pieces of penis shrapnel gently float to a blissful rest on your misshapen and gnarled recluse shoulders.

    I hope this helps.
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  7. Surely this is what you need:

    At least it's already the right shape......
  8. Take the plate off your bike. Buy a real bike. Attach plate. No need for turbo.
  9. Don't do it. I did it once on my old ck125 back in the 90s then I was riding it one day and bamn the piston came through the tank and hit me in the head. Then I woke up lying on the road and the bike was parked next to me and the turbo was missing.

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  10. What a joke of a troll. <shakes head>
  11. I can do it for you, I'll have to charge you 5K plus labour though. You got that kinda cash?

    That explains a few things :rofl: j/k VC.
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  12. He is a joke of a troll.

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  13. Hahahahahhahahahah

    That's all
  14. I'm guessing it's speed you're after?

    If so, the C4 I mentioned in your other thread won't only make your bike louder, but it'll make it a tad quicker as well. I just wouldn't be on it when you detonate it if I where you.

    The other way to get your bike to go faster is put it on a trailer and tow it behind a car.
  15. C'mon everyone.....the only real way to get [FULL POWER] is to install some JATO

  16. Hmmmm

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  17. Dont listen to these guys. They are just grumpy old bastards. What you need is a turbozet. The only problem with the turbozet is the way it disrupts the fuel spray from your carburettor. What you need is a fuel ionizer to better align the fuel in the line for a more consistent spray pattern. The good thing about the turbozet is it doesnt need a custom exhaust manifold made up. Which for motorcycles is good because when you turbocharge motorcycles, higher up in the rev range (think 10,000rpm+) the exhaust turbine starts to generate so much suction it pulls the atomised fuel out before it can fully combust, thus you actually lose power higher in the rev range. Of course the turbozet doesnt use an exhaust turbine, hence not a problem.
  18. I heard that Bikes work best with high compression ratios, and that NOS reduces the pressure in the cylinder, but with cars the compression doesn't matter as much so it's better to use NOS for cars...