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Inspire a bored Adelaidean - day rides from town

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by backmarker, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. I'm heading out for the day tomorrow and feeling a little bored with the routes available in my general repertoire. Do I head south and go Mypoonga, Carrickalinga, Delamere, Bull Creek, Ashbourne to Strath, Maccie, through to Stirling?
    Do I head north through the hills and hit Basket Range, Lobethal, swamp Road perhaps, maybe across to the Gorge, through Gummie and Birdwood, maybe through to Kersbrook to Williamstown, maybe play in the ranges near Mt Pleasant etc.
    But I'm getting to thinking that everything is all so familiar and tending a touch to the boring. Perhaps it was my recent trip across to the mid-north NSW Coast and the hills there with there long roads with so much choice, so much variety and so much I have never ridden before.
    So can you inspire me about the roads I have forgotten about in the Adelaide hills? Where should I be heading for my run tomorrow, and on other upcoming mornings out? I'm based near Blackwood but am willing to travel. A good run involves 300km or so in a morning anyway. I ride an old Suzi gsx750f, so sealed roads are mainly the go, but a little dirt is ok for a short distance - just not something I'm overly comfortable with.
    All contributions gratefully received!

  2. Do them all. If I was off tomorrow I'd crack out the MV and meet you
  3. Likewise !
  4. One of my problems is that I never seem to ride at social times. It's either days when others are working, or if at weekends I end up leaving home at 6am. So I can't ask my riding partners for suggestions, and the voices in my head are not overly helpful with suggestions ATM.
  5. I'm happy to go out early on weekends
  6. I will keep that in mind. Can you go slow enough to stay with an old gsx750f, though?

    And any suggestions for a good run for me to follow tomorrow?
  7. I'll throw some suggestions up shortly for you , I'm just having a late dinner currently. Give me an hour . In the meantime , have a look at WeRide app (available for both iPhone and Android) or motowhere website.
  8. Ok. Firstly , sorry but I can't do routes on google maps , so I'll just list some roads. Forgive me if I'm listing stuff you already know.
    SOUTH :
    Pole Rd - off Upper Sturt Rd to Ironbank.
    Sturt Valley Rd
    Ironbank Rd , Morgan Rd , Scott Creek Rd - between Ironbank and Scott Creek.

    Longwood Rd , Bradbury Rd , Ridge Rd - between Scott Creek and Mylor.

    From Longwood Rd/Bradbury Rd junction - Mt Bold Rd / Dorset Vale Rd which links back up with Cherry Gardens Rd * this has a kilometre or so of dirt road , a little gravel but not too bad.

    From Clarendon to Kuitpo - Bakers Gully Rd , Chapel Hill Rd , Schullers Rd , Peters Creek Rd.

    McLaren Flat to Willunga - Chapel Hill Rd which becomes Range Rd takes you to top of Willunga Hill.
    Proctor Rd , Enterprise Rd , Nangkita Rd , right into Ashbourne Goolwa Rd , right onto Cleland Gully Rd , left onto Adelaide - Victor Harbour Rd , right onto Pambula Rd , right onto Hindmarsh Tiers Rd , left onto Nettle Hill Rd , right onto Sawpit Rd , left onto Inman Valley Rd into Victor Harbour.
  9. Mt Barker - Strathalbyn - Callington :
    Hawthorn Rd (off Echunga to Hahndorf Rd) to Mt Barker , right onto Bollen Rd , right onto Flaxley Rd , right onto Old Mt Barker Rd , left onto Church Hill Rd , right onto Flaxley Rd , left onto Stamps Rd becomes Bugle Range Rd into Macclesfield . Left onto Gemmell Rd , left onto Long Valley Rd to Wistow . Right onto Wellington Rd to Woodchester , left onto Strathalbyn - Callington Rd to Callington .
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    Callington - Lobethal :
    Old Princes Hwy , right onto Harrogate Rd to Harrogate . * 1km of good dirt rd immediately south of Harrogate.
    Left onto Mail Rd , left onto Charcoal Pit Rd becomes Bird-in-Hand Rd , left onto Pfeiffer Rd , right onto Nairne Rd into Woodside , right onto Onkaparinga Valley Rd and immediately left onto Tiers Rd to Lenswood . Right onto Lobethal Rd to Lobethal.
    Or , instead of going through Harrogate , keep going towards Nairne along Old Princes Hwy till after Dawsley then turn right onto Pyrites Rd to Brukunga which becomes Military Rd , turn right onto Nairne - Woodside Rd into Woodside .
  11. North East :
    From Adelaide - Birdwood Rd , Houghton.
    Range Rd North , right onto Seaview Rd , right onto One Tree Hill Rd , right onto One Tree Hill - Kersbrook Rd , left onto Kersbrook - Williamstown Rd (Little Para Rd) , right onto Hill Rd becomes Norsworthy Rd , right onto Forreston Rd , right onto Checker Hill Rd , left onto South Para Rd , right onto North East Rd , left onto Tippett Rd , left onto Gorge Rd to Cudlee Creek Café . Plenty of options from here .
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  12. Thanks GoldNine! Heading out now. Yes, lots of roads I know, but a few I don't and lots I have forgotten about. And that's the whole idea about this thread - getting a reminder about where to go rather than the same old same old!
    Very much appreciate the suggestions!
    Now off for a good run...
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  13. There are plenty more of course . Some nice little roads between Carey Gully , Picadilly , Bridgewater , Aldgate , Mylor and Stirling. Around McClaren Flat , McClaren Vale , Blewitt Springs for example.
    ps : totally get what you said about getting bored. That's why I love getting away interstate to spice things up and experience new/other roads and places.
  14. Nice job there GoldNine. The other thing I was going to suggest if the OP isn't desperate for constant twisties but just wants a change of scenery is a run up the old Princes Highway to Murray Bridge then up to Mannum and back through Birdwood. There are a couple of tracks you can take off the Princes to bypass MB as well. Something a bit different, stretch the legs a bit.
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  15. Yep , that's good fun too !
  16. If you find yourself down south this is a hidden gem...


    ... It's REALLY fast, flowing, high quality tarmac the whole way down and it's generally completely empty. Just look out for wildlife through the forested areas. The run through Strathalbyn to Euchunga is also pretty fun...


    For something more challenging the Birdwood loop is awesome value...


    ... Take Gorge Road up (towards town it's easier to ride up) and Lower North East Road down.
  17. Hello @Busarrrgghh@Busarrrgghh (and welcome ! - just read your intro post) . Were you originally from Adelaide ?
  18. Cheers! I am, indeed.
  19. Enjoying your new location ? I love it over there !
  20. The victor-cape Jervis road is risky..... Risky for the license