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Inspecting GPX250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cam77, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    I am going to be looking at a 1992 GPX250 tomorrow night (as my first bike). It's advertised at $2500. The guy on the phone says it has never been crashed, usually starts within first couple of attempts.

    At that price am I bound to find something not right? I am getting an inspection done if I like the bike, but I thought I would ask anyway.


  2. That's not all that cheap for a GPX, I'd be wanting to find it to be in pretty damn good nick.
  3. If it comes with a RWC and reg for that price... there should be nothing wrong with it... but the usual signs of use will be there... a 1992?? and it has not been in a crash?? that would be a very very rare bike...
  4. comes with rego until August...

    Suppose I will spot crash damage pretty easily...I did tell the guy I'd want it inspected and he was cool with it, did the usual spiel of anyone selling something - going overseas, has been garaged heaps, not ridden much etc.

    Thanks for your advice.
  5. Not cheap for a gpx? Rubbish. Show me a gpx for under 2g's with a RWC.

  6. few and far between eh :wink:

    gawd, some of the crap i saw when looking for malissa's bike :shock:

    $2200 no RWC and 2 months reg, barely running and BOG on the tank :shock:

    $1900 no RWC, starts well but wont rev past 6000, very very VERY ruff looking

    etc. etc.

    anything in reasonable condition with a roadworthy pretty much doesn't go under $2500, seems to be the bottom point before they turn to buckets of crap...
  7. biggest 2 things i can think of are MAKE SURE IT COMES WITH AN RWC!! if not, you might find it becomes somewhat less of a bargain. and the tank... GPXs have a real nasty habit of getting a rusty tank and developing leaks, ask if it has had it before and try to look over it as best as possible. if it looks like its had a repair or has a bit of rust, just forget about it, this can be a huge pain in the arse to fix.

    and if this one doesn't work out, my uncle is selling a 96 model with RWC and reg for $2500 :wink:
  8. Like coco said check the tank as much as you can... Had the mine rust out months after i got it and only fixed it the other day with a secondhandy for $300 buckaroos
  9. Some things I have noticed on Gpx's

    * Rusty Tank as mentioned above

    * Dinged/Rusty/Chipped Forks (expensive to replace)

    * Stripped oil drain bolts holes (it's a beginer bike and they can make errors with tightening bolts, difficult to repair properly.
  10. I baught my 97 gpx250 last year for $1800. Got my licence today and just went for my first real ride on it. :grin:

    Mine's done about 52,000km , it's in pretty good condition, not imaculate though, has been dropped at some stage. Mechanically it's great, starts first try.
    I got mine off a mate from work, the chepest other gpx i looked at that was decent was $2500. Most gpx250's i've seen advertised are around $2700 or more but bikes seem to be more expensive in SA for some reason.
    If it's advertised for 2500 you could probably atleast get him down to 2200 or a bit lower.
    Good luck
  11. I know a guy selling a GPX250 (1988??) with 75,000km on the clock... to my suprise the engine sounds real good...

    The bike has been crashed... not much damage only mirror and footpag... perhaps fiew scraches real easy fix... (which I have ofered to do) I think the bike can be on road RWC and 12Mth Reg for around $2000