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Inspect this bike for me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fliving, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Hey riders!

    so im in the process of purchasing my first bike, and i have found this Suzuki GS500 for a pretty good price:

    Suzuki gs500f | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Moreland Area - Glenroy | 1087981007

    as you can see, he has had a bit of a prang on it, so there is some minor damage.

    I had a look at it today, and the damage is as follows:

    Broken fairing (as seen in pic three of the advert)
    Right indicator has snapped off (but he claims the electrics in it are still functional
    Suzuki badge has come off engine casing (as seen in pic 4)
    Front brake lever is slightly bent
    Front right handlebar end is slightly bent (as can be seen in pic 5)
    Baffler has a slight dent in it.

    So im thinking that RWC plus repairs should be about $350, and then i just need to get it rego'd (I presume about $400 for rego). Is there anything else im missing?

    However, im a bit wary of it, as he seems really keen to get rid of it. I asked him if he could get the RWC done and i would compensate him for that on top of the cost of the bike, but he said he doesnt have time and that that is the reason he is selling the bike so cheap.

    So should i steer clear of this? I have read other forum posts on avoiding second hand bikes that dont come with RWC, but it seems for my price range, most people arent selling with RWC.

    Or should these things be pretty easy to fix? (i plan on removing the fairing anyway, and dont really mind if a few minor things are bent, as long as they work).

    If there are any mechanics or knowledgeable people in melbourne who would come to inspect the bike with me, i would gladly compensate with a slab or cash.

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    A couple of options from site Vendors:

    Streetmaster is a NR member, motorcycle mechanic and site vendor. Streetmaster Mobile Motorcycle Motorbike Repairs Servicing

    MRT - Motorcycle Recovery and Transport will do inspections and also transport if you need. Facebook Page

    Both of these are professionals and you will need to pay them for their service but they will give you a peace of mind over the bike. Prices you will need to discuss with them.

    Fairing repairs are generally expensive so if you are intending to do full repairs your $350 budget may be too small. Get the VIN number and do a PPSR check to make sure there is no attached finance or writeoffs on the bike.
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  3. Thanks for that info CJVRF,

    would you think that the fairing damage could potentially be internal as well? Like, id be more than happy to just pull the fairings off and have it naked, so getting the fairings repaired wouldnt be something i would bother with.

    ill check out Streetmaster and MRT, thanks for the information!
  4. Hard to tell but probably not it looks like a low speed drop so it is unlikely that any frame damage would have resulted. You can sometimes get fairings plastic welded but on a point like that is generally a stress location so it probably wouldn't last.
  5. yeh he explained the crash to me and it was a low speed drop - something at an intersection around 20km/h. so i would like to think that taking the fairings off would be enough to eradicate that element of damage, and then ideally i would hope that only the indicator would need to be fixed for RWC. But maybe im being naive.
  6. The indicators probably mount on to the fairing so you may need to do some fabrication to support them. Just removing the fairings is relatively simple but I know you are working on a tight budget so you will need to do some of this work yourself. There are various members on the site that will help you fabricate brackets if you ask nicely and they have time.
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  7. Ahhh, so its not just as simple as removing the fairings and having the indicators stand on there own. that does make sense.

    yeh, i am on a bit of a budget, but its not so much about the money but more about the time it will take to get a bike on the road. if its going to end up costing me just as much to get it on the road as a more expensive bike, then i dont really see the point when you factor in the time and effort for dealing with the damages.
  8. What's a baffler??
  9. sorry, i meant muffler
  10. If it's your first bike, do you really want to go through the hassle of fixing things and getting it registered? My advice is to find another gs500.
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  11. Thanks Jacbob33, thats good advice and i agree.

    I guess i would be better off just forking out a bit of extra cash.
  12. If you have a bike and you are keen to sell it, you have a buyer who is willing to pay you incl the cost of RWC, and you say NO... Do you think the other guy would still be so desperate to buy it in such damaged condition and your "keen" attitude? ....maybe it is genuine or just offer him the price to take it away from his driveway in that case. I think another post suggested to look elsewhere.

  13. sorry, Im confused as to what point you are making. are you saying that it is suss that he is not willing to get the RWC done at my expense?
  14. Are
    are you the seller. IMO the seller should provide RWC.
  15. nah mate, im the buyer. and yes, i agree, not buying with an RWC is risky
  16. If it is your first bike I strongly advice against buying something that is damaged. It will lead to lot of frustration, so save up and get a bike that is in good condition and longer registration.
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  17. Not just indicators to worry about, the headlight also probably mounts to the fairing
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  18. yeh youre not wrong, i realised that last night when i was thinking about it.

    I've moved on from this bike anyway, have found a 2013 ninja 300 with rego and rwc for about 3800, but he may be willing to do it for 3000 with RWc and Rego.

    Only thing is it has 42,000 ks on the clock, which seems high for a bike that is only 2 years old.

    Hmmm i dunno, seems like i might be being unrealistic with a budget of 3k.
  19. It may be OK. Ask to see the service manual to check it has had its services at the appropriate time. A well serviced bike with that amount of Ks is better than a never serviced one.

  20. But i feel like if i can get a decent resale on it in a years time or so when i move on to a bigger bike, then that might fine.