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Inspect/test ride in Northcote for me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gurbachen, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Looking at a V-Strom 1000 in Northcote that's for sale on bikesales, wanted to know if anyone would inspect and test ride it with/for me. Preferably someone knowledgeable with the workings of bikes so you'd spot a loose chain and things of that nature. I am off restrictions so will ride it myself as well, but would be helpful to have someone more experienced along as well. Probably be about two weeks from now as I'll be in NZ this coming week. Let me know.

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  2. Can't help with a test ride (unless you pay the airfare:), but can give you some things to check for on a DL1000:

    1. The clutch basket - this bike (all years) has a generic problem with the clutch basket that causes "chudder" around 2700-3500 RPM. There is no known actual failures from this, but it is a quite uncomfortable feeling when it happens. It can be fixed for a short time by fitting a new clutch basket, or more permanently by getting the basket modified - there is a guy in the US and another in the UK who do this, with good results. Make sure you ride the bike through this RPM range - try accelerating from around 2000 RPM and see how smooth it is. There is a "test" for chudder but you'll have to google it - I don't have enough posts to put a link here.

    2. Buffeting - another known problem on this bike is quite severe buffeting at 60+ KPH. If it's an 02/03 model it will have a fixed screen, later models have an adjustable screen but still have the problem. The long term fix on the 04+ is a Madstad bracket, which allows more adjustment of the screen. Allow for the cost of this if it doesn't have one.

    3. ECU set too lean - again this is a common problem, and will give similar symptoms to a bad clutch basket. The best fix is a Power Commander and a custom map. Some bikes are worse than others, but a PC3 with a decent map will make any DL1000 smoother through the rev range.

    4. Valve clearances - these should be checked at around 24,000km, and most bikes will have some tight valves. If the bike has done more than 24K Km make sure the valves have been done.

    They are a great all-purpose bike, but worth checking the above. PM if you want more info.
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  3. And was selling his business not to long ago
  4. Hey thanks a lot for the reply, good tips. I've read about the buffeting problem but a lot of people have reported that just adding spacers to the bottom of the screen pretty much eliminates it. What does the 'chudder' in the clutch basket feel like? I've only had the one other bike so not sure I'd notice.

    Thanks for that, I'll give them a call and see if they do inspections.
  5. Not sure about the screen spacers - I've got the earlier non-adjustable model so haven't tried it. I believe it helps some people but not others.

    Google "Vstrom chudder" and settle in for some light reading.
  6. Will do, thanks. Did you test ride a 650 as well before getting your 1000?
  7. And was quite upfront on this forum on his reasons for doing so.
    Maybe post the link to it instead of leaving a bland statement open to interpretation.
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  8. Surely the only conclusion it is possible to reach from the statement made was that his workshop may no longer be open. I haven't been on the lookout but I can't recall seeing E2W post since then.
  9. I'm pretty sure he later posted that he had decided to continue operating, with himself working part time at first.
  10. E2W is still operating.
    Not that difficult to figure out
  11. No, cause there wasn't a 650 when I bought mine. 650's don't have the clutch problem, but have the same buffeting issues. They also don't have as much power:)
  12. E2W still kicking. he went on holidays and should be back either now or soon
  13. Yeah I've heard they're a bit smoother overall but I'd like the extra power, being a hefty fellow. Just wondered if you'd tried it.
  14. The 1000 is a great bike, just allow for clutch & screen work when negotiating a price.
  15. Am now considering spending a bit extra to get a later model, after reading about the improvements made after 2004. Was looking at this one for $5k, since I don't mind the little bit of damage (he sent me an extra pic, just a bit of scuffing but I would obviously get it inspected.


    But then I found these two (one of which is in Adelaide Geedog, you might be able to help after all :p ). A grand more for four years newer doesn't seem too bad considering the improvements made. Sent inquiries about drop/crash history, included luggage etc.


    P.S. I hope the links are OK since this isn't the classifieds section. Also whoever changed the title of the thread, thanks, it was a bit clumsy before.

    @Geedog whereabouts in SA are you?
  16. I'm in North East Adelaide - happy to have a look if it's not too far away. There's one on Gumtree at Whyalla that looks like good value, but it's even further away from you. Once again you'll need to search for it - gumtree / whyalla / vstrom....
  17. I'm working offshore right now.

    There is a V-Strom 1000 selling at the next Port.

    I can inspect and pay deposit for you if required. I just need bank details, passport number, birth certificate, Mother's maiden name and your Medicare number so I can be reimbursed.

    Let me know if you're interested.
  18. I think I came across that one, it's the one without pictures yeah? That always makes me a bit leery but I'll get him to email the pics. I'll let you know if I need you. Thanks bud.
  19. Relax.

    I ate a burger for dinner - I suspect there is burger up my arse - ready for the morning purge.