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Inspect a bike in Gold Coast please, not needed now!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Are any netriders in the Gold Coast region willing to look at a bike for me at Ashmore pleeeeeese????.

    A carton of beer for ya troubles either way (or a bunch of flowers if you are that way inclined)

    Honda CBR 1100xx


  2. I'm not licensed to ride it but I have 5 family members who are

    Would be VERY interested in a carton :p

    PM me if you're interested.. I live about 10 minutes drive from ashmore, could take plenty of pics

    My brother is a bike NUT who knows all there is to know, ridden everything from busa's to postie bikes and is currently into the dirt bikes but has owned a couple of 600's, couple of 1000's etc so he'd be well able to test it out for you (riding wise)
  3. Thanks for your offer Screwball, but another guy is going to look for me.

    If he falls thru, I will Pm you.

    Thanks again.

  4. Jeff, I'm in Byron this weekend, and am going to Gold coast tomorrow for the day, happy to take a look if yoiu can arrange it.

    PM me your number if you want me to take a look.
  5. Whats the world coming to!?!?! blackbirds!??!

    must be the "in" thing this year, as the eastsiders are usually the trend starters... :p
  6. I am sure the Blackbird trend will die down soon considering theystopped making them in 2006.

    It is a shame it is a great bike.
  7. Hey Tweet, thanks for the offer and I would have appreciated your input, but I have already arranged an inspection through another avenue.............so thanks anyway.

    Hey Rocketeer.................get yaself ready to be run over!!!
  8. OK this is bullshit, I'm going to go buy a blackbird, back later :LOL:
  9. Keeping the hornet for the commuting business and the bird will be the weekend warrior :LOL: :LOL:

    The ONLY thing I have found wrong with the hornet (and I suppose all nakeds) is it starts getting uncomfortable above 145km/hr (or so I have been told since I only ever go to the speed limit and never beyond :shock:)

    The bird just sits there powering on.

    Why is it that Honda discontinue such great selling and loved lines like the Hornet 9 and now the Bird???
  10. Hey Jeff you just can't help yourself I told you bigger was better :LOL: What colour is it?? And remember Black is not a colour! :LOL:
    Geez the Monday coffee nights are gonna be just for bird riders soon :LOL:
  11. Blackbird

    Jeff, don't go the dark path.

  12. Damn, I was willing to let you fly me from Adelaide to the GC pick up a c arton of beer, check out the bike for you, and then get flown home again. But I guess it wont happen now :(
  13. yeah yeah.........do that.

    Just wait for me at Coolangatta airport..........I'll be there I promise :bolt:
  14. TICKETS, Tickets please :LOL:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.