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Inskip Motorcycles (Newcastle/ Lake Mac)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by typhoon, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Been in there twice now, First time was for a set of plugs and plug boots for the Z. The guy on the phone before I went in was very helpful and even more so when I went in to the store. These guys are Yamaha dealers, so good to know they talk other brands too.
    And today I went in to look at helmets. They were very busy, so I just waited for 5 mins or so and had a look at the helmets. The sales guy finally got around to me and knew all about the helmets, their features, colours etc right off the top of his head, and was only too happy to offer to order one in for me in my choice of colour, without me even asking him to. Reasonable range of dirt and road gear too.
    Prices aren't bad( you could possibly beat them if you tried but on a par with other prices I have seen), and the service is very good. No idea about their servicing department but the workshop looks clean and tidy.
    They also had a nice second hand tourer in there which I had to walk past very quickly, else I would have had thoughts of ownership! They had a few second hand bikes there( I assume for sale) even a fe non Yamahas.

    Regards, Andrew.