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Inside the Ducati factory

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Anyone can visit the Ducati factory, it's an awesome experience if you're ever passing through Bologna. Not everyone gets to take photos though, or get a guided tour from the company's official historian. My job rocks! Thought you lot might enjoy a peek!


    (Where did the tags thing go? I wanted to stick rude tags on this.)
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  2. Good to hear from you Loz, You are a lucky bugger. :)
  3. Cool story - I'm more than a little jealous. I'd be interested to know their defect stats in real numbers rather than percentagees (not that they would release them). You get the impression that he views process improvement as a task that has been completed, rather than an ongoing effort.

    It’s official: Australia gets the ugliest Panigales of them all.
  4. I would make a point of booking in prior to rocking up expecting to go on a tour. Nothing worse than being told "No tours available today. Come back tomorrow"

    From Ducati website : (http://www.ducati.com.au/company/visit_us/index.do)

    "Ducati factory and museum tours need to be booked and conducted by a Ducati guide."​

  5. Very interesting. I particularly like the fact that you are allowed to park on site if you ride a Ducati, but must park on the street if you arrive on anything else :)
  6. Tru dat. I've got another hour of interview tape in the pipeline from the museum next door, I'll get that done one of these years!
  7. do they serve goods coffees?
  8. Yes, how was the coffee? Was it brewed by feel?

    Jealous, very jealous.
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  9. No, they use spare tachos
  10. They do, actually. The cafe is brilliant. Choc-a-bloc at lunch time though!
  11. That's really cool Loz. Good to hear from you, we missed the happy new year post this year.
  12. Cool to see the photos, we weren't allowed to take any on our tour but it was still fantastic! And seeing the Panigale on the dyno was great.

    Hey Rip, if you think the Aus Panigales are ugly, check out some Japanese ones .....
  13. Great pics, good to the see the 899 getting run in on the dyno.... Wonder if it's mine....
  14. thanks for that!