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inside pass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. So there I am burbling along Maroondah Hwy sitting in the RH wheeltrack of the left hand lane...A few scattered cars about - no biggie.

    I noticed a car come up behind me, and fill my LH mirrors...and I am thinking to myself that there is really no need to sit that close at 80kph...
    After a short time I look over my left shoulder to signify that I know you are there, and to back off a bit....

    But as I am looking at the driver, she caually moves up the inside of me, between me and the kerbing, and just sits there looking straight ahead like I'm completely invisible to her...At this point I suppose the car and I are about 2ft apart, doing 80kph.. I was stunned! - thinking "what the f###???", as I stare at the side of her head.

    The thing was...I never budged an inch...I had lane position and was gonna keep it, but she squeezed up beside me anyway....I've been riding for a long time...but never experienced anything quite THAT rediculous before..
  2. Insane... some people are just clueless, if there's a gap that they'll fit in "Oh wow! That must be for me..."

    You need to organise a more centred lane position... or a scarier jacket & boots or something :p
  3. Mate, I've had this before many time. Has always been a female driver (not trying to be a trouble maker here, but has always been the case for me) in a large vehicle (such as a station wagon or SUV). They drive the machine with very little control in a sense of reacting to quick changes in traffic or situation that they require to be in safe control.

    My advise is, break track and get the fu*k away (either spin up or back off behind) from said people as they have the greatest probability in clouting you without a thought.

    Speeding up is sometimes the worst plan as I had a stupid a Bit*h speed up as well, right up my clacker (mind you was only giving it a mid range of throttle), but still wasn't going to punch 150 just to get away. usually fall back or if there is a car in front then just do a quick slip past and problem solved!
  4. i am sort of in two minds how i feel about it, guess if they did that and fcuked off outta my way it wouldn't be such a issue but to sit right next to you :shock: ....i must admit i split while traffic is moving, i supose she might of seen one of us try it and think well there is room their might try that thing i saw a bike rider did the other day......
  5. Yeah Pro-Pilot...I should have just moved aside into the outside lane and let it go...but I was so miffed to see her cruising up beside me, that I decided to hold my position, even though it was rather dangerous to do so. (having said that....I waqs pretty ready to veer away)
  6. Haha John some clown of a woman did that to me on the Monash freeway between the Bolte and the tunnel. Might have been the same woman! I looked, I stared, I glared, and she didn't even look back at me. Like you, I wasn't having any of it.

    ...So I slammed my hand down on her bonnet and launched an extended birdie. She gave me a good 3 seconds' gap after that!
  7. Heh, on my most recent trip to Canberra I was in the right wheeltrack of left lane, about 15 metres from my left turn and indicating to turn left... and was overtaken on the left by a woman in a car also turning left. o_O

    Like, WTF??
  8. He He, she was probably a rider who forgot that she was in the cage... :oops:
  9. Well John, that was very Noob of you. You should have moved over to block her access to that lane. :) :) :)
  10. Ba-hahahahaha.
  11. You see the power of a wheelie? Raven you gotta get that bird to fly man...
    Is there anybody on the mentor list who'd show ya :-k

    Scheff :LOL:
  12. Thats not a bad one John, I had one on Canterbury Rd mitcham coming home from work. The lights in front of me had turned orange so I was coming to a stop in roughly the middle of the lane. As the lights turned red a p plate young lady went hooting past between me and the car in the right lane whilst talking on her mobile phone. Funny thing was it got her exactly one traffic light further up and she was still sitting there on her phone when I pulled up next to her. Needless to say she did not looking my direction, even with the ST shaking her car with its exhaust. :grin:
    Still do not know how she fitted in that gap
  13. CHEESUZ!, mate...that was nasty!...Glad she missed ya!...eeek!
  14. +1

    I heart you Loz. Although I would also be preparing for a quick getaway while aiming my armoured fist/toe (maybe change down a gear or three first).
  15. Should have backed off, and shot the fuel tank from a distance.
  16. I would have, but I could'nt get "tone". :grin:
  17. Hey Raven you are not alone , some years ago there where about 10 of us riding at the 100 K speed limit on Dandy /Hastings Road all legal like in staggered formation .
    Some tw....t came thro the group of bikes starting off inside overtaking the first bike then muscling his way thro until he was along side me . I swear if had swung a punch it would have smacked him in the head he was so close .
    Problem was he was about 6 inches from my missus number plate so like all the others I backed off an let the fu wit go .
    Then he proceeded to cut in an out of traffic into oncoming on that single lane road Saturday arvo when it was real busy .
    I still cant believe what the stoopid fk did
  18. I had a real genius in a blue laser (old asian guy with the super thick coke bottle glasses) merge right into my lane on the entry to the city freeway from north sydney yesterday.

    It is a slightly confusing bit of road and it is easy to miss the bridge turnoff - which prompts people to swing from the outside line into the inside so they aren't forced into the tunnel, but I saw him coming a mile away as it happens everyday there, he had his window down, merged right over to me pretty slowly (still hadn't seen me cruising along at about 50), when he is right next to me i leant down to his window and screamed
    "WHAT THE FU*K ARE YOU DOING GRANDPA!!" I have never seen someone shit themselves so hard. It was awesomely awesome x 12.

    now i feel all guilty but he won't be doing that again without looking first.
  19. My horn is f'ing useless too. Short of tapping on their window, the only way I find to get their attention is slip the clutch and bounce it off the limiter for a second. And people say a decent >90db exhaust note doesnt help you get noticed???
  20. I had this happen on Hoddle St once, I don't even think the driver saw me (Or just wasn't caring)

    Tis quite scary.