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<insert witty introduction thread subject line here>

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NrKy, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Yes please!

  2. Ew, cheese and egg!

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  3. Konnichiwa?

  4. I like pie!

  1. G'day!
    I guess this is where I introduce myself, ey?
    Welp, I got myself a CBR 250 in Feb '08, exactly a year after getting hit on my mountain bike (on Springvale Road near the minigolf, where there were no street lights, hooray for shitty road planning!).
    I haven't done any big group rides or anything yet, ISCN is working at the same office building as I am, and told me to make an account here so I can tag along to the rides starting in St Kilda, which sounds like fun!
    I went through Healesville a month ago and apparently there's heaps of group rides through that area... I did see alot of bikes on the roads there, and the ride was bloody amazing!
    So yeah, as for my bike herself... She's a CBR 250, tiger-striped yellow, and I dropped her when I'd had her for about four months, stupid me parked on grass ASSUMING that it was hard enough to support the stand. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!!!

  2. So ISCN doesn't like you much?

  3. Welcome to NR!! :grin:

    Pics please of the "tiger stripes" :grin:

    ... oh and the rest of your bike of course! :p

    ... have you booked your P's course yet? :wink:
  4. Welcome! Sorry you had to meet ISCN before you got to meet the nice people :p

  5. ..er, yeah, I guess

    all that aside, welcome to Netrider :)
  6. Welcome fela
  7. Trent?
  8. No idea goz i clicked on the welcome lounge and got this for some reason lol i was wondering why there wa all these threads i aint ever seen opps
  9. In my tank bag, I carry a flatish piece of wood I can drop under my stand for that reason...

    Oh, by the way, welcome to netrider....
  10. Joe?...
  11. can people look at the date before welcoming someone
  12. Know how you feel Goz. I never know what day it is either. :LOL: