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*insert proud cheesy grin here*

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Captain Seven, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I finally got her. 1996 Kawasaki Z-ZR 250. She's just...swell.. :)

    She's not the fastest..She's not the prettiest. But she's mine. I've been walking around with a stupid smile on my face (as I assume everyone does when they get their first bike) and telling my girlfriend, "I have a bike..." Poor girl, she's a second away from snapping.

    I'll give her a bit of a clean, and then roll on Saturday morning.

    Awwww yeeaaaahhh!!
  2. Congratulations; no matter how long ago it was, we all have a special place in our hearts for our first bike.
  3. Congrats Jonno!
    She looks nice - pretty blue :)
  4. Onya mate. Take good care of it!
  5. ..Good choice!! :woot:

    Have fun!! ;)
  6. Love the colour mate.
    I was/am the same when I got mine. :D Think my girlfriend is tired of hearing about it.
    Pro tip: If she ever asks "what are you thinking" just go on a spiel about tyre compounds or insurance. She will never ask again.
  7. just one thing. luggage racks are actually quite cool.
  8. FYI, it doesn't actually look that blue. It's either my awesome camera or the fact we actually got a sunny day, but its supposed to look teal/green.
  9. Congrats! I had the same first bike, I really miss... the fuel economy :D
  10. If you do take the luggage rack off, you'll almost certainly be sorry the moment that you do so!
  11. I loved the "20km+ per litre"mileage, and the center-stand.

    Also a tip, the drive chain freeplay is 35-40mm, going by the manual. It's unusual since most bikes are 25-30mm (an inch).

    Yea, relationships can become temporary strained, when you spend more time fiddling with the new bike than your gf. :D
  12. Ok, I've been balked..

    What is it about the luggage rack that makes everyone think it looks good? I feel like I'm missing something.

    The only thing I'm regretting in taking the silly thing off, is that the existing bolts from the rack are too long to hold the silver bracket covers on. Shouldn't be too hard to sort out, hopefully.

    Someone enlighten me! :eek:hno:
  13. ..well I love my luggage rack & ventura bag!! \\:D/.... it means that I can ride the bike more 'cos I can take "stuff" with me (eg: change of clothes, groceries, general shopping, booze for overnite stays etc) rather than take the car. It actually holds quite a bit of stuff.

    I don't like the idea of a back pack, so I just cram the ventura when I need to. It doesn't look bad... in fact it seems to balance off the look of the bike!!... and it also has a large additional reflector on it ;)
  14. Have to ask, is it the bike , or the girl you are going to clean and give a roll:rofl:
  15. I went on a mission to Bike Mart, and bought myself a tank bag. Great for commuting, and easy to get rid of if I'm just cruising. I can see the ventura would be kind of handy for shopping, though.
  16. Hey Congrats on the new girl !!

    See you @ the BP on Saturday :wink:
  17. Looks great mate!! Congrats on purchasing a reliable and versatile bike. The Ventura rack's bloody handy to have - you'll see!
  18. the bolts are longer to secure the bracket and whatever is under it. the original ones will be shorter but have prob been thrown away. wreckers or MAYBE and auto store will sort it out.
    and the fuzz dont think people with bags are up to no good