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[insert interesting and before now unused thread title]

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gobbledegeek, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. I thought I might come back to the title when I'm slightly more awake.

    At the ripe old age of 39 (Light My Fire by The Doors was in the charts, as was Hello Goodbye by The Beatles!!), I have just emigrated to Australia with my Italian wife and 5 kids.

    I decided that given my age, it was about time I had an affair or took up biking! Biking sounded a little safer and ultimately cheaper. Who knows, it may prove to be as much fun!!

    I have already been unfaithful to the tune of several hours spent perusing these forums. A wealth of information from the truly inspired to the......well, let's just say the other end of the scale; all the necessary ingredients for wholesome and informative discussion and as such, this is an invaluable resource to the newcomer such as me.

    Keep up the good work :grin:
  2. Welcome to Australia, Melbourne & NR. :!:
  3. [insert interesting and before now unused greeting]..... sorry couldn't resist.

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
  4. welcome to the forum and riding.
  5. Welcome Dried Graze....you definitely chose the cheaper option of owning a bike than keeping a mistress :LOL:
  6. Welcome, don't wipe your feet, come on in and enjoy :)
  7. Very good! :grin:

    Thanks everyone.
  8. Biking's definately the better option - after all it's a passion that you don't mind sharing with other people. Welcome to Oz and to Netrider.
  9. Welcome, Graze! It's oodles of fun :grin:
  10. Hi Dried Graze. Any particular bike you're interested in?

  11. Hi.

    Because I'm at home with the kids I'm quite limited in where I can travel to see bikes. I'm certainly taking them all on the train to traipse around Melbourne.

    This leaves me with the Yamaha dealer selling Hyosung or the Honda dealer selling Kawasaki....and Honda.

    Not being an expert I can only go by what a bike looks like, insurance cost and potential drop repairs and so far the Hyo GT250 and the Honda VTR250 look nice. The ZZR looks nice too. When I saw the VTR I thought, yes, that's the one. Having thought about it, it's a bit on the expensive side.
  12. :shock: OMG! 5 kids!! ...and he has energy left over :shock:

    Benvenuto Dried Graze... whatever you're on, I want some!
  13. Hi and welcome.....enjoy the ride