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Insane speed on Western Highway

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Chairman, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. I know...its the most patrolled road, it had the highest accident rate, yaddah yaddah yaddah...

    Coming home from Bacchus Marsh last night, I was heading onto the Rockbank 90kmh zone. The road was clear, the air was crisp after the rain, the moon was peeking out from behind some cloud...

    I don't know what came over me, but it was great and I cant wait to do it again. There was no other traffic about, so I took a chance and slowed down to 10km/h!!!!! It was great!!!!! I had the whole road to myself, so I did a bit of threading-the-needle between the white lines, then I stood up on the footpegs and I even rode into the gravel for a bit.

    Please don't tell anyone...I'm only posting it here because you're all my friends and I trust you not to dob me in.
  2. Damn! What's the neighbourhood watch number again?
  3. You think that's slow? A mate of a mate I know once parked on that road and ate a sandwhich ON THE INSIDE LANE!
  4. I've seen that - I'll find the website - there's a video. That ToastRider's a genious. Pharkin' grouse! I wish I could unwrap a ham and cheese like he does. Which clingwrap do you reckon he was using - I've tried the Aldi one and it just never get sticky, no matter how warm you get it. I'm getting Gladwrap fitted next time. It might not give you as many sandwiches per roll, but for serious inside-lane-sandwich-eating, i've heard its the duck's guts.
  5. Yeah I'd say Gladwrap for the serious types, using the Homebrand and Black & Gold varieties is bound to end in tears. I've also heard of some hardcore fanatics going for zip-lock sandwhich bags but that just sounds like crazy talk, it just doesn't sound realistic.
  6. Real men use rainbow coloured wax paper.
  7. LOL yet again @ Mark.

    I owe you beer for all these laughs.
    And you owe me keyboards.
  8. Is that then same as greaseproof paper? I've seen it in the window at Modak. There's a British mag - Bangers and Sangers - that has a "tech tips" section on how to fold that rainbow paper so it doesn't unwrap itself. A bit like doing your timing with a cigarette paper - I reckon there'd be a few Ulysses members who could do it, but its a dying art.
  9. "Please don't tell anyone"
    that's fiunny.
  10. see, it's behaviour like this that gives us ALL a bad name. I mean, how am I supposed to keep up my bad-ass law breaking hoon reputation when people do this sort of thing.
  11. u should have tried that down anthonys cutting mate,since im planning on moving to the marsh i travel that road alot and see some crazy things
  12. Ummm.. I'm a new rider and this is just the sort of thing I'd like to do when I get off my L's. The whole riding into the gravel sounds a bit hardcore though... maybe next time you can post some pics?!? :) :)
  13. Yah that's right, cause if there's no pics, it didn't happen :p
  14. Even better on our side of town there's a dob in a HOON Line we can use for just that purpose.
  15. :shock: did you cover your number plate???
  16. did you use your mobile ?
    did you cover your plate when you ......um....flew through the speed cameras? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Classic post, Mark, and a classic riposte, Glen! :grin:
    (look at all the fun I nearly missed out on while away!)