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Insane Hanoi Scooter Traffic.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Re: Insane Hannoy Scooter Traffic.

    What and OUTRAGEOUS video!!! It makes Sydney traffic look like an F1 Grand Prix :LOL:
  2. Re: Insane Hannoy Scooter Traffic.

    Hanoi, I was in Vietnam for two weeks in May/June this year, it's crazy at first but you just get used to it. It is one of the things that made me decide to get a motorbike, seeing everyone over there riding all the time.
  3. That woman made a decently simple task look impossible.
  4. love asia .. thailand is similar .. loved the massive scooter parking areas .. loved riding there.

    one place that surprised me ...although the streets are tiny, kathmandu has the craziest traffic i have experienced. apart from the two or three main roads (that still don't have dedicated crossings) there are NO footpaths ... and there is just absolutely no logical system or rules whatsoever.

    when i was there was lucky enough to go pillion thru the city, snagged a pedestrian's shirt and stopped rather quikly at one 'roundabout'

    also when mountain biking which included riding in and out of the city on the main roads .. ws insane .. guide figured out i was ok with the chaos and we were instantly splitting between .. motorbikes :)

    anyway .. could rave about it for hours ..

    now want to make Vietnam and cambodia my next trip :)
  5. Dude at 1.17, three kegs, legend=D>
  6. I'm still a newbie in Australia, but I have ridden extensively through Vietnam - Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang and out in the sticks. Mainly step-through 125cc, tried some 135s when carry gear. I second pw's sentiment; I originally got my restricted licence so I could apply for Vietnamese expat licence and be covered under my insurance so there was that, but it has inspired me to get on a motorbike here (still looking but).

    As to crossing the road, it's easier than it looks. The guy at end had it right and just remember the natural order of vehicles - the bikes will flow around you, the cars will hit you and the trucks will roll right over you.