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Insane guy does massive jumps

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robbied, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. There is a long (10 mins or more) uncut film I have seen of one guy moving over just one building. Amazing skills and incredible aerobic capacity.....
  2. It makes me wish I'd studied gymnastics, and that I was 10 years younger :oops:
  3. Reminds me of Jackie Chan movies.
  4. EVERYTHING I see makes me wish I was ten years younger.... :LOL:
  5. *commiserates with Hornet*
  6. Good grief he does bigger jumps than I do on my mountain bike.
    (slinks away to hide in a corner now)
  7. This vid? http://www.metacafe.com/watch/29618/run_escape_jump/

    *edit* actually you said uncut, so this probably isn't it. (it's from a movie)
  8. Its like they couldn't afford a skateboard or BMX and thought they'd give it a go anyway, without one.
  9. i bet he would make a pretty handy theif .... imagine the police trying to chase that on foot
  10. He's got a future as a stuntman ... surprised Hollywood hasn't snapped him up yet!
  11. It was only a matter of time ... I was tempted to throttle you myself when you rammed my bike last night and disturbed my delicate suspension settings :p

  12. lol you know you love it when i ram your arse...
  13. You've left me so many openings I don't know which one to take :wink:
  14. okies ill clarify?
    You know you love it when I ram you up the arse.

    Mr."I dated a lesbian"
  15. This thread got dirty very quickly. ;)

    Very cool moves. Even at a similar age I don't reckon I could ever train to do that stuff. :p
  16. Hey she was bi (albeit leaning towards the lesbian side) ... anyway I told you I was open minded hence the propensity for a bit of rear end action (of the female variety of course) in all its varying forms :cool:

    As for my reply ... have another think about it! So many OPENINGS ... don't know which one to TAKE ... duh :roll: