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QLD Inquiry into the Motorcycle Licensing Process in Queensland 2012

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fractalz, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Here are the recommendations for those who do not want to download the pdf or can't.

    Sounds like I need to finish getting my licence very soon!
  2. Wow! Test, test and more test.

    So the steps to getting an open R-class licence Qld:
    Written test for C-class learners (fee)
    Wait 12 months.​
    Practical test for C-class Provisional 1 (fee)
    Wait 12 months.
    Hazard perception test for C-class Provisional 2 (fee)
    Pre-learner test/training for RE-class learners (fee)
    Written test for RE-class learners (fee)
    Wait 1 day. (?)​
    Q-Safe/Q-Ride for RE-class open (fee)
    Wait 6 months.
    6-month test for RE-class, just because (fee)
    Wait 6 months.
    Q-Safe/Q-Ride for R-class open (fee).

    So many tests, so much $$$ and note that there are two hazard perception tests. I would think that someone who can correctly identify the hazards when they're moving from P1 to P2 for the car would be no less adept at identifying hazards down the track.

    They obviously view motorcycles as toys, rather than a viable transport option. Also, if vastly increasing the training requirements is necessary to reduce road toll, we should vastly increase (again) the training requirements on car users, who cause many of the injuries to other road users (including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists).
  3. Agree with the above. The practical driving test for my P's was too easy. I think they need to make it so the driver has to make intelligent road decisions based on the weather, road position and the other road users. The instructors (I felt) guided me through it. The test needs to be more practical.
  4. Hazard perception for cars and hazard perception for motorcycles are 2 very different things. Okay, anything that's a hazard for a car is also likely a hazard for a bike. but then there's things like:

    Painted markings,
    Metal road features
    Freshly parked cars

    All of which are, if not irrelevant, then minor hazards at best to cars,
    but potentially serious hazards for bikes. A separate hazard perception test isn't a ridiculous idea.

    I think many of those recommendations need to be implemented fro car licences too.
  5. Wow. Considering it's $270 for the single day to get your RE, if the six month test is the same idea (is it a full day test?) you'll be looking at $810 to get your open licence and three tests ($270 each).

    I agree the learner licence test is beyond ridiculous, but I am unsure what the purpose of the six month test is.

    Looking into getting my open licence through HART... right about now.
  6. yes .. this bit seems odd. Not sure if the recommendation is deliberately or accidentally vague on this point.

    To allow a someone to go from L to RE with no wait / practise time as a learner seems to undermine the purpose and intent of the Learner phase.
  7. But... but... that's how it's always been here - get your learner's, no minimum wait time (for motorbike). It's a Major Change from the days when my mate (mature learner) got his learner's on the Friday and his open motorcycle licence by the Monday (only because it was closed on the Sunday).

    Having never ridden a motorbike before ](*,).

    Of course that was in the dark ages - 2008.
  8. If you already did pre-learner training, and have been on the road for a minimum of 2 years, the the test to advance to open RE should occur as soon as you are competent.

    Having said that, they don't seem averse to making things as long and difficult as possible.
  9. You left out the pre-learner off road training which I assume is more than just a written test.
  10. I assume that is correct as well, but I had initially thought 'pre-learner off road training' was what the QRide people do now? That is, they do a day of training in a carpark and then day two is on the road. But re-reading that recommendation, I am wondering if the intention is that people need to go through a riding school instructor before you turn up for QRide?

    Hmmm. Maybe if I read the report properly it would become clearer...
  11. OK PDF search is a wonderful thing.

    NSSherlock is right. They are suggesting:

    - Pre-learner rider training (seemingly in the 2.5 days territory?) as part of the Ls milestone
    - RE test (1 day)
    - 6 months test (if you don't get this, does your licence lapse? Looks like it) - minimum 1 hour
    - 12 months test to get unrestricted (1 day)

    That would mean to get your licence is four tests. That is indeed a lot of testing and I think makes it a $1,000 licence.

    Having said all that, and trying to be objective: I have always felt the Learners is a joke currently and most states have pre-learner testing. So that's probably a tick. The RE Test - a given. Need that (they are abolishing QSafe where QRide is available though.

    The 6 months test - this I feel is the most likely to be dropped from the proposed system. But hey - if it's about reinforcing what you've learnt earlier, and if it is only an hour, then maybe it's worth it to capture the 'get a licence, wait a year' crowd.

    The final unrestricted test - as I understand it most others just go down, get their licence endorsed, and off they ride on their R1. Again this is out of step with other states - but probably not a bad idea.

    Dare I say the proposed system is not a bad compromise?
  12. I would hope the Pre-Learner training component would not try to reinvent the wheel and adopt the NSW syllabus which is 2 half days with strict syllabus control by the RMS.... but I imagine that may be a wishful thinking.

    I hope they have the sense to require the on range pre-learner training component to be completed successfully prior to the TMR questions and vids section .. not much point in doing those if you lack the basic motor co-ordination to ride a motorcycle and this is something that can only be assessed on the range.

    addit: if the 3rd RE test is an exit test ie must be completed or the license lapses then that would make the initial RE license a defacto Learner permit.
  13. I saw the written test here the other day. Usual 10 give way and 20 road knowledge tests, then an entire FIVE questions specific to bikes...
    I agree with more training, not more tests, and not a huge jump in expense. More stuff to drive people away from it.

    I heard something on the fact that if you have got your L's for a car or are in the process of getting your licence then that counts for something towards the rider if you are over 25, but i totally forget what and i cant find a reference to it, so it may have been BS.
  14. Being over 25 used to let you go straight to unrestricted I think. Now it might let you ride without a P plate? Not sure.

    For the Ls you currently only have to answer the 5 questions. Which are the same training questions on the website. And then you can ride anywhere under the guidance of an open licence holder. *,)
  15. The old system was that if you had your open car licence for more than a year you could go straight to R.

    That was back when it was possible to get your open car licence by 18.

    But you didn't need to get your car licence first so you could get RE at 17 and then R at 18.

    One of the strange things about making changes to licensing regulations is that those most affected by them will never get to vote in an election on the issue. And those old enough to be voting on the issue invariably already have a licence and have other reasons to favour a longer, more difficult pathway.
  16. Apparently it was 3 years of car licence let you go to unrestricted. Over 25 used to let you drink.
  17. Now from http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Licensing...ting-a-motorbike-licence/Learner-licence.aspx it is just:
    If they do require some on-bike training before the L then I hope they then remove the requirement to be supervised when on L's. The standard of the L's course would need to be up though. I don't really think the NSW system is of a high enough standard (although most seem to manage as long as they use their heads and don't jump in the deep end).
  18. I am quite familiar with the NSW system ... so I am curious as to what would you add to make it better?
  19. I'm all for better training, but its not just RE/R that needs a shake up.
    The written learners test in Qld is (was in my memory anyway) nothing more than a poor excuse for collecting money and did absolutely nothing of benefit to any new rider.