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Input on Converting to Single Seat...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Widget, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Now I have a bike (QLD) I wish to convert to single seat.
    I understand pillion footpegs need to be removed & seat needs to be shortened, however, after researching I've read a few different (older) stories on what was done to accomplish this.

    It's my understanding (legally) the rear footpegs need to be taken out & the threads drilled out, though people seem to just take them out (& putting a rivet through the hole keeping thread intact).

    Seat foam needs to be cut to length. Haven't read much other options & people end up getting a rear cowl to cover the empty space. How is this accomplished with a ventura rack in place ? Will a cowl get in the way ?

    Just wondering if anyone's gotten it done recently if they could shed some light on how they went about doing it, how much it cost & which mechanic did the compliance ?

    I really don't want to physically change the bike to the point where it's going to be a pain to convert back to Dual-seat (if I sell in the future, I'd like the option to be there).

    My bike is the 09' GS500 located Brisbane west (Springfield area). If I do need a cowl, who/where is the best place to get one from ? or did the mechanic supply one ?

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  3. Hey Rob, thanks for the reply. I checked out the site but need to register before I can search topics :\. (currently waiting on mod approval for my registration).

    Anyone else with stories/info on getting this done ? I've had a quick look online but no luck (yet) tracking down a rear cowl).
  4. My ZR had Qld rego and single seat when I bought it.
    You are right about the requirement for the pegs not being able to be refitted but it depends on who does the conversion. They sign it off and rivet the sticker on it. I have 3 under the seat.
    In my case there was no thread to drill out and all I had to do was put the rear pegs back in and fit the nut on. It "shouldn't" have been that easy.

    As for the seat, mine had the rear seat part cut back and the remainder of the base was covered in velcro. The velcro was meant to allow the rear part of the seat to be re-attached which also shouldn't have been allowed. I never got that rear part from the seller so went to another full seat. You could cover the back part of the base with just about anything.

    Bottom line is that the regs are tighter than what some who do seat conversions actually do.
    I'd shop around and ask questions. Tell them you want it to be easy to return to a full seat if you sell it.