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Input needed for first jacket/gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Widget, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    So now I have a bike, I'm looking into getting just the jacket & gloves for now. I went to MCAS a few days ago just to look around & tried on their textile jackets to get a feel, but they all felt the same to me :S. I've considered buying online (UK/US) as they seem to have a larger variety (+ my budget in AUD might get me something a bit better quality? because of the price difference in US) from what I can tell, though sizing will differ for them also.
    I'm not familiar with brands (what's good/bad) so I was wondering if anyone could give me some recommendations on what to look at?
    I was looking to spend <$200 for a textile jacket, something that will be warm for winter but possibly with a removable (thermal) lining so I can use for hotter days (summer).Internal pockets would also be nice for phone/wallet too I guess (?).
    Gloves, I haven't tried many on, but my brother picked up some (dririder Air ride I think) for around $50-$60 with carbon style knuckles, but if there's anything better for a little bit more I should look at ? I'm thinking mesh gloves for summer, & maybe wearing some thermal gloves underneath for winter ?

    I've sort of eyed off the;

    RJAYS: Stinger, Voyager III (from MCAS all appear around $150
    Dri-Rider: Club Jacket ($170), Apex ($149.95)
    Scorpion: are they any good? I was looking on "sportbiketrackgear" & saw a couple within my budget (then postage I guess), such as http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=8222.

    Any ideas would be great :).

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  3. Hey Twist, thanks for the reply :). That 'Club Jacket - Silver/Black' down to $130 doesn't seem too bad (though only 2 outer pockets, not sure how many inner), does anyone have any feedback for this jacket? How well does it perform ?​
    Only other one from that link would be the Nordic Airflow, but at $250 :S.​
    I was mainly looking at the 'Winter' jackets, but wanted something with removable thermal liner to use in summer time as I didn't want to have to purchase a separate summer jacket.​
    Thanks again, :)
  4. As above, what Twist said. Get an all weather jacket and while you're at it, get some thermal inner wear as well. Melbourne winters require those.

    And maybe get some outer rain wear as well. Will be handy. :)
  5. My first jacket was a mesh outer with removable rain and thermal liner.... Worked a treat for a lot of km in all sorts of conditions and was only about $200.
  6. op heres my two cents

    i first bought a dainese summer mesh jacket years ago (as i bought the bike at winter end). it had all the ce armor in there, but was terrible for the rain. so i used my brahma waterproof hi vis ($140 probably cheaper now) over the top to keep the water out. works a treat and you stick out like a sore thumb. i stored in my bag or under my seat. rainbird makes cheap over waterproof pants and over wp jackets ($30 a pop) which also work a treat. not warm but well waterproof.

    my best investment - a pair of gaerne leather waterproof boots. pretty much all season boots have had them for 2 years, and never had a wet foot. and it sucks riding with wet feet.

    i guess my message here is - if you are intending to ride rain or shine, commuting etc, waterproof gear is worth its weight in gold. dririder with removable liners and or rainbird over your riding gear would be my recommendation since you can use them all seasons and get the most for your money.
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  7. Make sure they fit well. I had to go to like 5-6 shops trying on gloves before I found one that was OK.

    I have also bought over the internet, based upon a size chart. The item was on clearance and was cheap. No returns. That was a complete waste of time and money as the garment did not fit me very well :(.
  8. Don't let the salesman rush you, in most cases they will just try to sell you whatever they have and it may not even be the right size etc. For my first jacket I got an Alpine Stars full leather jacket from the Peter Stevens clearance section. I got it for $200, it was reduced from like $400.
  9. Personally after many jackets be careful of too cheap, one of my first dri-riders caught on a fence nail and fell apart within a month.

    Good gear will last many many years, the codura/gortex with removable liners I can highly recommend, work year round and waterproof and breathable. Also consider body armor built in (CE approved preferably not just foam inserts)

    When trying on a jacket consider if you can fit another top underneath if you going to be riding in really cold weather.

    Really important consider sitting how you sit on your bike and make sure the jacket does not ride up to high as you will get a lower back chill (even today its amazing how many jackets will work on a cruiser but be useless on anything sporty in nature.

    Check Zip quality as well, I think the YKK zips just work, cheaper jackets can have zips destined to fail which is inconvenient but if repaired are usually less waterproof.
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  10. Hey guys, thanks for the replies :).

    nice, checked them out & have decent prices + free shipping.

    yep, will be going back to a couple of stores before buying to try on again just to make sure. Thought of buying from online, but the risk of getting size wrong worries me, but there have been a couple of decent Aus jackets for my price worth checking out. :)

    Yeh, definitely won't let them rush me, I like going in there after fully researching what I want. A-Star leather for $200 seems like a nice deal :). I've heard leather gear can be too heavy for people starting out, how do you learners find wearing leather ? How do you deal with leather during hot season ?

    How do you determine what would be too cheap ? I'm not too set on any specific brand. but like the 'Scorpion' I listed earlier, I'd never heard of them, but researched reviews & read some good things (about that jacket at least)
    also came across this: http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/agv-sport-sniper-jacket .. opinions ? seems to have CE certified armor, YZZ zippers & removable thermal liner... not familiar with AGV brand though.

    My bike is the GS500 (bought from a Netrider :) ) & hopefully won't be doing much, if any, riding in the wet. (will try to avoid wet riding as much as possible)

  11. It may be heavier, but it is durable and will effectively protect you. My jacket has a lining inside which can be removed depending on the weather. Also it has a few vents around it that help with aerodynamics. Also when you remove the lining, you get more airflow so it's not too bad. Make sure you get something with protective cups/pads.
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    Not to hijack this thread or anything (afterthought: I have, haven't I?), but I'm in a very similar boat at the moment; new rider, just got the bike, haven't ridden at all, need gear to do so. Probably going to just be weekending for the foreseeable future - he says pre-empting the 'depends on usage' line.

    I have been reading forums for quite a while and am starting to go cross-eyed. While there may be consensus on some brands, on other brands it's all dependent on the model and all that (i.e if you've bought the budget line and find that it's dead some months later compared to your other mate's mid-tier stuff that's still going strong), and even that varies across the internet and depends on who you ask. I have an experienced motorcyclist mate telling me to cut to the chase and buy Tiger Angel textiles for the upcoming winter (which, mind, I am considering), and yet, I don't know if I can be...(I suppose 'bothered' is the right word here) bothered to go to that effort for gear just yet considering the lead time and the fact I'm still in the 'not 100% dedicated' point of my riding career.

    I've visited some of the larger/well-known places in Melbourne to see gear, and I don't mind spending a bit extra now to save buying replacement gear again not too far in the future when the quality part comes back to bite me (yes I see the hypocrisy of me not buying well-reputed Tiger Angel stuff now). Problem is I'm totally stuck and can't make a decision. It's compounded by the fact I have absolutely zero experience and am highly wary of salespeople, especially when they *suddenly* own everything you are trying on.

    The problem is also due to this kind of information overload paralysis that comes from the internet, where you have to condense the collective wisdom and (sometimes) whinges of thousands into just one brain. Price, waterproofness, dirty tricks, wear, tear, colour, feeling, quantum spin, moon cycle....*boom*.........and there goes the top of your head all over the walls.

    So, to flog a totally dead and now decomposing horse.....*Deeeeeep Breath*

    What would the good people of the internet recommend in textiles for a learning weekender? An all-weather jacket/pants of sorts, it seems, but what brands?

    Begging your indulgence for my wordiness,
  13. I recommend you go have a look and buy what suits, fits and in your budget
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  14. Hahaha that's funny ... and so true... :ROFLMAO:

    Unless you have an unlimited budget go for the midrange stuff .. in leather preferably and not too snug a fit (leave room for xmas pudding). If you see higher range stuff on special ... and you will know the rough prices due to your research, then snap it up.

    If you do go on to become a dedicated rider you will end up with a closet full of gear anyway as you tend to collect stuff over time due to various causes such as >>> it no longer fits (either it has shrunk or you've had a growth spurt), wrong colour for bike, no longer trendy, doesn't match helmet, and so on.

    good luck
  15. If this is your 1st set of gear then make sure it fits and is as comfortable as possible the last thing you want is uncomfortable gera whilst learning to ride your bike.
    You will buy plenty of different style of gear in your life time something for winter, summer and so on. Don't worry about price but look at comfort going over budget for comfort is safer IMO
  16. i'd avoid Wetrider and Rjays like the plague.
    i like dainese, spidi, icon.
    but then, i know my sizes, so easy for me.

    gear has improved a lot over the past decade.
    most of the stuff in local stores is not the latest/greatest materials, tech and safety.
    we tend to get offloaded with containers of way outdared stuff that won't sell in Europe or the states, or discontinued lines, or won't meet o/s standards for motorcycle use.
    not necessarily always a bad thing. just shop around globally and be sure you don't pay an inflated price locally.
    as an example, i wanted a tz1 A* jacket for last summer. a friend used to own one, but they have'nt been manufactured in 10 years. found one for 599 Aus dealer.
    then i found the new improved latest design, tz1 reload jacket online. about 200 bucks cheaper shipped.

    with gloves, look for scaphoid protection / palm sliders, because you will stick your hands out if you come of. will never be able to teach yourself not to do that.
    i don't own any pairs that don't have that feature in some type or form. but i've never seen that feature in an Aussie store.
    also make sure you can't pull them of when fitted securely.
  17. It seems like nothing beats personal opinion when it comes down to it. :cautious:

    See, I think that is part of it. It's like any other hobby; you just collect stuff; an older tent, the half-shagged tennis racquet, the first set of boots. So perhaps its a take-home lesson to just accept nothing is fixed, final or perfect and just get on with it.

    Definitely, saw some cheap stuff today and it was honestly the most uncomfortable jacket I've ever had to wear, pinched at the elbows on the inside, didn't give a good range of movement; felt cheap, was cheap. No sale.

    I read somewhere about the $10.00 of concentration analogy, where you only have a finite amount of concentration, and you should avoid things that detract from it, such as being uncomfortable in bad gear.

    Funny you say that about those two brands, after today I'd say exactly the same thing.

    I'll take your advice about the hand protection - by sliders do you mean hard parts, like knuckle protection on racing gloves? If so, I've only ever seen bulked up leather protection as well, in my short time looking.

    So I guess, I'm off to find gear that fits and is comfortable, which sounds like a bloody obvious thing to say, but to say you lose sight of the forest on account of the trees isn't far from the truth sometimes....
  18. is 'wetrider' refering to dryrider brand ? If so, what makes these brands bad ? I was considering a Dririder jacket/gloves but if there is something i should know about them... ?
    Understandably Dainese & spidi I hear are good, but for the price, I'd expect them to be, though what brands sold in U.S stores would you recommend I look at (for entry > mid range pricing)?
  19. as said, i'm an icon whore.
    i think you'll find SBTG dose'nt stock any crap brands.
    dainese and fancy italian brands are very comfortable, nice leather very soft/supple, but much of their stuff is'nt really track grade. moreso stylish. depends what you want.
    i'd think you'd probably find and older icon motorhead or daytona jacket for a cheap price, that will last you a very long time. good heavy tough jackets.
    scorpion, you mention. tough stuff. i thought they went out of business but apparently a new range available. stinger jacket was a highly sought after item.
    other mid entry level stuff that's ok and can be had cheap. maybe joe rocket, ixon, shift, teknic.
    theres a fair few on this site that are very pleased with a jap brand, rs taichi

    to be fair, dri-rider have improved with recent offerings. some of their stuff even uses d30 now. i have their hoodie and love it. but it dose'nt keep me dry in torrential stuff.
    R-jays is just shit. everything they make is shit.

    all above is just my opinion, preference. i know what fits my build.
    i would'nt suggest you buy any leather jacket without trying in on and getting the feel and fit of it sitting in a riding position.