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Input from Ducati riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cbwolf, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I recently sold my GSXR1000 and am looking for my next bike.

    I rode a Ducati 1198s on the weekend and thought it was brilliant, even if it was a tad uncomfortable for my 6'2" body.

    For those that have ridden a 10/1198 for extended periods, how do you find the comfort/ergos after a while - do you get used to it?

    Also, do the undertail exhausts get uncomfortably hot during warmer weather? I rode it on Saturday when it was in the high 20's and noticed my butt and back of my thighs were pretty warm due to radiant heat.

    Just wondering if i should go with my heart (Ducati) and possibly regret it, or go back to Japanese, which i think are brilliant.
  2. I owned a 2010 1198S for about 9 months. The ergos are not really that much different from other sports bikes I've spent time on (for my build at least) such as hyosung 650r and cbr1krr.

    The only downside for me was distance - I couldn't comfortably ride it for more than an hour or two. It ticked every box for me other than tourer.

    The exhaust heat in traffic is noticeable but not annoying. Every time I noticed while stuck on parramatta road in peak hour (yes I commuted on it) I just listened to that sweet vtwin termi rumble and let the bliss take over :)

    I recently traded the 1198S on a new multistrada 1200s. I've since done 3 times the kms in 1/3 of the time, it's just so damn good to ride.

    I regret selling the 1198s but I wouldn't swap my multi for it. I plan to acquire another 1198s, used, when time and money permit.

    TL;DR if you are happy with the ergos offered by litre sports bikes in general, buy the 1198s; you will not regret it.
  3. That's what i was thinking. It's amazing how much can be overcome and overlooked just be listening to that exhaust noise (and dry clutch - but i think many people dont like it).

    1 - 2 hours is a worry though. I regularly do 4 - 5 hour straight rides without more then a 1 - 2 minute refuel stop :(
  4. I have had my 1098 for about 4-5 months and have clocked up 3000+ k's on it.

    I'm only 175cm with shortish legs and long torso aka Italian build. The bike fits me quite well.

    You will notice that you are fairly well leaned over the tank, on spirited rides it's actualy quite comfortable, but touring around or doing latte' runs it's not so comfy. I'm considering getting some clip on bar risers to make it a little more civilised, the clutch is also quite heavy, I'm considering investing in an Oberon slave cylinder to lighten the load.

    Yes, you will have roasted nuts on a warm 25 degree day on a slow ride! I got two sheets of heat reflective insulation under my seat, next step is a stainless steel or aluminium heat shield with an air gap to the seat.

    Apart from that, I love it. You don't have to wring it's neck to get to silly speeds, the torque band is pretty fat...then there is the sound of a pair of carbon Termi pipes out the back and the Rizoma pressure plate and open cover.
  5. Ahhh dry clutches. I never undertstood the attraction until after I bought the 1198s. I think it's more about associating the sound with the bike and the enjoyment you get from it, rather than anything nice about the sound itself. I came to equate "dry clutch rattle = ducati = awesome" subconsciously.

    As to ride length, I have a dodgy lower back from a bike accident a few years back. IMHO if you can handle 5 hours in sports bike crouch on your gixxer you'll be fine for similar time on the Duc. I could never do that sort of time uninterrupted on any sports bike.
  6. One of the blokes in my club has one and 2 earlier models.He is a very very big boy and,I still shake my head at this,went to a GP from Sydney via The Hume.That would have killed me but he had no poblem,he has done 2 to 3k rides over 4 days on much better roads also with no problems,he is about 30.He doesnt have my 54 year old back though.
  7. I don't own one, but I have ridden with people on 1098's / 1198. No one as complained about being uncomfotable ( that I know of ), but everyone is different.

    I was thinking the same thing, but I had to own a Ducati as least once in my life. If it turned out to be a bad move, then I could join all of the na sayers....Turned out it was a good move.
  8. I probably should mention I have a Pantah,it got swan neck clip ons fitted.They are as high as they can be and miss the fairing and I still cannot go past about 400ks and still be OK the next day.
  9. Thanks for the info guys.

    I see a lot of difference in opinion about the heat issue. I plan to commute on the bike every day including summer, so if the heat is unbearable on a hot day in traffic it's going to be a bit uncomfortable.