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Innovv K1-moto

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by thisisjoe, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Just thought i'd post my initial thoughts on this motorcycle dash cam.

    I ordered through the Innovv site on sunday, and took delivery of the package the following Friday, not bad for posting from Hong Kong.

    In the kit you get two water resistant cameras, a water resistant button, gps unit, DVR unit, and a bunch of 3M sticky stuff. Build quality looks to be quite nice.

    Installation was pretty easy, I know nothing at all about electronics so I had troubles getting the power sorted out, the instructions say to wire directly to the battery, but that would leave the unit always on. So after a lot of frustration and google, I wired the negative to the battery and the positive to the headlight fuse (I have no idea how or why this works, and I hope i'm not doing any damage to anything by doing this). So unit now powers on and off with the ignition.

    Camera quality is fine, nowhere near GoPro quality or anything like that, but certainly not terrible. There is a microphone somewhere (probably on the DVR unit), sound quality is ok, nothing amazing.

    Some photos here:

    Photo1 - front camera
    Photo2 - rear camera
    Photo3 - DVR unit
    Photo4 - DVR unit in pouch with GPS on top
    Photo5 - button

    Sample video:

    Camera quality looks a fair bit better on my computer, but like I said, its about normal dash cam quality, not gopro quality.

    Here is a better sample from someone else:

    You can also remove the speed reading from the stamp at the bottom, or have it turn itself off after you reach a certain speed.

    The good:
    Overall I think its a great dash cam, it auto loop records (about 5.5hours riding time on a 64gb card), a push of the button will write protect the videos currently being recorded (can set video split times between one and 15 minutes), starts and stops recording with the ignition (has a setting to run off battery for a while after ignition is off), does the job of a dash cam (not an action camera) very well.

    Customer service is very good, the staff have been quick to answer my emails.

    The not so good:
    The button glows red when the camera is recoding, but the light is too dim to see in the daylight. GPS displays speed in MPH (I've emailed the seller asking if this can be changed).

    Overall I paid $380 not including memory card. A decent outlay, but considering its a two camera water resistant set up, I think the price is fair.

    These are just my initial thoughts on this system, if it were damaged or stolen and I had a spare $380 i'd buy another. I'll see how it goes after a few months of riding.

    If you've got any questions, i'll answer what I can.

  2. Hey Joe.
    I have the same set up. Nice, simple set and forget for loop recording for everyday commuting, front and rear. I bought additional cameras and hooked them up to my track bike. All I have to do is swap the DVR unit over. Easy.
    The microphone is built into the camera unit - that's why it sounds a little muffled. But keeps the unit waterproof.

    You should be okay with the headlight wiring as it seems to be working. Personally I went in on the rear light wiring on the track bike and can't remember which fuse I spliced into on the roadie.

    The unit works great for commuting, however for track work it suffers from excessive heat and the loop which is set to 5 minutes restarts a lot sooner and isn't consecutive. In other words it takes time to reset itself. As it gets hotter it gets worse.

    It's a heat issue, confirmed by Innovv. I've now drilled my ducktail to allow airflow through and will check again after Monday's track day. My gixxer has a low slung exhaust and it still gets too hot in the ducktail. My mate has the same unit in a Daytona with underseat exhaust and the same problem. We'll see how Monday pans out.

    Agreed, Innovv has good and quick customer support.

    I give it the thumbs up in general. Will be more impressed if the track issue gets sorted.

    What vid software you using for the side by side?

  3. Ah good to know about the wiring, honestly that stuff might as well be black magic to me.

    I did notice the unit was very hot after a short ride, but the gopro also gets quite hot so I put it down to being a camera thing. I might look into getting some air flow around the camera. I've got a three day ride starting tomorrow so we'll see how it handles the long days.

    Good idea about swapping the DVR between bikes.

    I used a free version of HitFilm3, but it only allows 30 second videos till I pay up for the full version. I'll have a look around for something else I think, since windows movie maker can't do picture in picture stuff.

  4. I don't have the email to hand that suggested a free sware that Innovv mentioned. I'll try and dig it out next week.
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  5. OK, so after the three day ride I can give a few more thoughts on this camera.

    The Start of the second day of riding, coming out of Port Campbell was pretty wet. The cameras seem totally fine with the rain though, so no worries about that aspect of it.

    The seller directed me to a patch which was easy to install and the unit now reads km/h.

    The system survived me stupidly dropping the bike and even recorded the event for all to see (see here: I fell over ).

    Now the camera did seem to freeze up twice on the ride, I think it has something to do with the wiring, because when I put the ignition on it starts recording, then when I start the engine the unit resets itself. So there were a couple of sections where there was no recording happening. Also, the GPS wasn't reading speed very accurately, but I think this had more to do with the fact that the receiver was under the seat which had a lot of luggage on top of it.

    I also found the file viewer (the system installs it on the SD card automatically when it records files). Its pretty handy, showing a moving map/speed/time etc. Here is a screenshot of it:


    So after a few days use, i'm still happy with it. Despite its few issues I think it's decent value for money and as I said earlier, if stolen or broken I would buy another.
  6. The dvr in the track bike has still not done a 5 min loop as set - despite drilling 4 air holes front and rear of the ducktail for airflow.
    My camera's have not faired well in the wet after a commute. 2 days later there's still condensation on the inside of both camera lense. That's road bike.
    DVR doesn't turn off now automatically - have to slide the back out as if you're removing the battery - but don't actually have to go that far.

    Couple of other things too. The jury is still out and i'll contact the seller this week.
  7. Regards 'problems with wiring - resets when I start the bike' - I think pretty much any device which is by default pulling power from bike battery when connected will reset, as a result of current draw through the starter (same as lights dimming at this point). In my experience, wiring problems are usually not the supply lines, but more a bad earth; earthing off the rear frame can be a problem.
    Can you supply details of the patch (where from?) - I may have missed it, but who was your supplier of the Innov?
  8. So Joe, can you tell me where in HK you got this thing from? Thanks - Hurricane.. Looking at fitting one to my GTR...
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    I was recently looking into getting one of these. I found an Australian Retailer of these near where i live. They are about $70 dearer though. ($450) They told me that they're the second in Australia to be Authorised by Innovv to sell them. They did say that seen they've only been Authorised for a week or 2 that they can offer a discount if i get more than 5 orders.
  11. I ordered from this site:
    Innovv motorcycle camera | motorcycel recordign system | car dashcam

    I've since put in a time delay switch that has fixed the issue i was having with the camera freezing up, all the info can be found in the about section on this youtube clip:

    Haven't had any issues with the camera since, i only wish i had it recording when someone stole my helmet off the bike :mad: