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Innnovv K1 motorcycle camera

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by hankster, Aug 6, 2016.

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  2. LionzLionz has two setups, one on his roadie and trackbike. I know he has had a few issues with it overheating and then stopping recording.

    I'm sure he'll chip in soon. If you search on the forum I'm sure we have a similar thread somewhere already.
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  4. I've got one. You'll need space for the control unit and the gps module.

    Oh, if it is recording and you press the middle button on the control unit it will mute sound......ask me how I know.

    This is not in the manual.

    Great unit, set and forget front and rear at 180p, what more could you ask for.

    The included player is pretty good too, it allows you to see where you are in the video on google maps.
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  5. I have one of these. Would not recommend it. Very unreliable. Sometimes doesn't record. Sometimes rear camera is not recording. Can't rely on it.
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  6. hanksterhankster - Not sure if this is something you might want to look at as an option.

    As always , this is just a suggestion and not advise :p

    Youtube Video

    Product Description

    Motorbike video recorder is a compact device that features a front facing camera and or rear facing which will record and store your past riding events in high quality video. It starts automatically when the bike is started, and records video and other data such as vehicle speed, GPS data which is stored on a memory card.

    Motorcycle DVR with 1080P dual lens supports 128GB

    → Dual 1080P FHD lens
    → Separated IP57 waterproof lens with low illumination
    → Support 2.5-6 meters wire far-end lens flexible installation
    → 3.0'' TFT screen
    → Compact Size
    → Support Max dual 128G TFT cards

    Website URL

  7. Innovv tells me that the main problems with intermittent recording are:

    I did have that problem until I switched to the supplied power converter (12v to 5v) seems the unit needs a bit over 2 amps, most usb supplies are not powerfull enough.

    The one I had for the previous C3 was a cigarette lighter plug usb feed, wasn't up to the job. Now at least I have spare usb sockets under the seat.

    MicroSD card is too slow, I use a Sandisk Ultra 80Mb Per second, never had a problem, yet.

    My unit was very touchy about the wiring. Had to make sure all connections were good and then tie the wires down. Fires up every time now, ignition switched from rear light feed.