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Inner West Safety Inspection/Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MattJA, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hey, just wondering who to go to for my first service. The Google reviews (as well as the ones here) are generally ok for each of these (with a couple of very negative experiences):

    • Close Motorcycles
    • Balmain Motorcycles
    • Motorcycle Empire Sydney

    Just trying to get a few more opinions - or a ranking amongst these businesses for those who've used them all.

    Thanks in advance!
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    If it's not mandatory to get your first service done at an authorised dealer, I can do the service for you. All it requires is a simple oil & filter change as well as an inspection on your brakes, clutch, idle, air filter etc...

    In return, can I get a motorcycle jack from you after completion as payment? It would help on my own maintenance much quicker as I only use car jacks & timber to keep my bike up.
  3. JustCruisinJustCruisin
    Are you a qualified motorcycle repairer?
    If not then Matt best not be taking up your offer, because he may well void any warranty he is entitled to going forward.
    His logbook needs stamping.
    I think it is also against the rules to try and sell services here without being a vendor.

    With all due respect, I wouldn't be taking my bike to you for any scheduled service within the warranty period unless you run/work for a motorcycle workshop, have a ticket and can stamp the book with company details.
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  4. For inner-west I would have to recommend Fly Wheels in Marrickville; it's very close to Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre but you can Google their address.

    I took my bike to Motorcycle Empire once......
    Then I took my bike to Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah. Last service I did was meant to include syncing the throttle bodies. Started to get months long problems then took my bike to Fly Wheels. Adam who services my bike there, explains everything that's required or performed in the service. And when he serviced my bike he showed me everything that the 'stealership' missed or CBF doing - including syncing the throttle bodies.
  5. Does Ron still own Flywheels? Or did he sell to this Adam guy?
    When Ron had it and it was at Mcevoy st, they did so good work, but he is one of the most exe around.
  6. Keeping strictly to the question:
    I hate Balmain Motorcycles they are a bunch of scammers with bad customer service and overcharge.
    I would personally try and steer anyone away from them. Bikebiz are also very bad.

    A1 motorcycles have been good to me on the phone but I have never taken my bike there.

    My personal experience with most motorcycle mechanics has been quite bad.
    If you find a good one that isn't booked out for 3 months let us know hahaha.
  7. Ron still owns it. Adam joined Ron after he moved from Alexandria to Marrickville.

    As for the exe part - I guess some consumables are on the pricey side but they never had a problem with me sourcing my own parts on the internet then getting them to service and install for me.

    Riders Highway on Princes Highway in Tempe (before IKEA if coming from the city) is another shop that I have heard good things about.
  8. With all due respect, could you please stop attacking me & being such a ****? You've done this numerous times to me before. Did you read my post more thoroughly? I said if it's not mandatory. For example, if he has warranty & it must be done by an authorised dealer then fine he shouldn't let some nobody but a qualified mechanic perform the service but if it doesn't matter &/or he doesn't have warranty then it won't matter who's doing the work on the bike as long as it's being done properly. He didn't mention whether or not his logbook needed stamping either.
  9. Nevermind TWEET. I have put you in ignore from now on.
  10. It's never mandatory....Someone ill-informed and/or not experienced with the way any warranty may work could be led astray by your offer. You think I'm being a kunt, I'm simply making sure nobody gets a dose of ass to mouth as a result of taking up your offer.
    If you missed out on your bike-lift, too bad so sad. Ignore away....
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  11. would you get someone to do a service for you if they didn't have all the tools?
    (just an outsiders observation.. I do work for tools also)
  12. I wouldn't need to.
  13. Anyways back to the question at hand. MattJA, if your bike is still under warranty, please ignore my offer. As for a recommendation, try Motohansa in Rydalmere. Sorry for it not being in the Inner west but give them a call. They'll be helpful.