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Inner West newbie - first time riding and at night too!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Judy, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Hi all! New rider from inner west, near olympic park (YAY! practise ground). I rode for the first time since getting my L's 2 months ago, at night no less and found it less daunting than I originally anticipated. There weren't that many cars, but 2 things I found hardest was cornering, and also the use of indicators (they're so sensitive!) I'm still trying to figure out the ropes but would love a riding buddy to pass on some wisdom!

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  2. Welcome Judy, Saturday morning practice is at Homebush so you should be able to catch up with some of the Sydney crew there.
  3. Welcome Judy!
    Night time is the best time to learn when first starting out, as there is much less traffic, much less pressure.
    I'm away for a week, but if you want to catch up for a ride be it day or night let me know.
    What bike are you riding?
  4. welcome aboard :] congrats on the Ls

  5. I'm riding a kawasaki ninja 250, and found it so much easier than the learner bike i was using when doing the 2 day course! I'm free for night rides during the week and would be great to meet new people!
  6. Howdy and welcome to NR JudyJudy . :)
  7. Thanks Goldenberri! Cant wait to upskill!
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  8. G'day JudyJudy and welcome to NR. As you said, you've got a great local area to learn to ride in and so close to the Saturday morning practise location.
  9. Welcome Judy. I'd be taking up the offers of tutoring!!
  10. Welcome aboard JudyJudy
  11. Welcome to the forum Judy. What area are you from? They have Basic Skills Practice every Saturday in St.Kilda. should tag along to one.
  12. Welcome to NR..
  13. Thanks Hornet! what area are you based?
  14. Hiya Zoobs! Im based in Sydney, near Olympic Park!
  15. Hey Jude, god how many times you heard that one? welcome :) and as Paul suggested, if you get offered tutoring, it very well may save your butt. enjoy :)