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Inner West new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ripley, May 30, 2016.

  1. hi everyone, new to the forum. Got my Ls with my husband in March and a bike in April. Got one of the new MT-03s. buying a brand new bike is not the best idea, but I have never had a brand new vehicle and its so much cheaper than a car :) Also it smells nice and it makes me look way cooler/faster than I actually am. Sadly dropped it already, classic rookie as was covering the front brake on a slow right turn and squeezed when a car appeared.. a wee scuff on the exhaust.. Working on getting my confidence and core skills up as real life when you are in the busy inner city area is not the same as going round and round in the Ls course.. :)

  2. Welcome to NR!
    I'm also an inner west rider and I did find it a bit daunting at first too especially as it can be hard to find a quiet area. Front brake in a corner is a classic rookie mistake I bet you won't make again!

    Go out to Homebush to get some tips and more practice!
  3. Welcome also From inner west heads on us like mice have fun and I'll see you around
  4. Hello and welcome :)

    Are you guys sharing the MT03?

    I'd suggest you spend more time riding around the quiet streets (as I've done a lot of that until I started riding short distances on busier streets). Not only do you need to get comfortable riding but also understanding the bike you're on... so start with understanding the bike (best part :)).

    Otherwise all the best and hopefully the start of many kms of riding to you both!
  5. Welcome ripleyripley , nice bike :)

    Yes, a rookie mistake but best get it out the way now ;) Practice is the best way, especially if you can find yourself a mentor or group. Start off with maneuvering skills and you'll move on up from there. No one is immune from little oops moments!

    Post photos of your ride up on the showcase section of NR!

    Happy getting to know your baby :)
  6. gday ripleyripley welcome to riding and NR!

    I must say I've never heard anyone say they thought their bike smelled nice - lol. I suppose they should appeal to all senses, don't suppose you tried tasting it?

    sorry to hear about your little incident, don't let it get you down as it happens to many. I reckon it's terrific that you and hubby are going through the licencing and learning process at the same time. have fun.
  7. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome(s)!

    yeah it is hard to find somewhere quiet! and I feel guilty if I do too many laps annoying the neighbours. Totally re front brake.. I had to go out and basically start from the basics again practising with little mantra, 'am I straight, ok front brake..' as I didnt want to touch it at all :)

    Yep we are sharing..for now.. He drives car and also rides pushbike for fitness, and is going to keep doing both. But its a little annoying as I coerced him into it, and hes way better than me haha, but he has a lot more roadcraft than me already, so all he had to do was learn the bike mechanisms, whereas I am doing a bit of both with less experience.

    haha, I think its the new bike smell? There is some coating on the parts that burns off and you start off thinking something is wrong with it, but it becomes a source of affection.
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  8. Ahhh but you see, that is where it will be and feel like a much nicer and bigger achievement for you once you get it :) that's where the biggest satisfaction will be.... How much extra you will achieve :)

    Keep on keeping on.
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  9. I had to google that :D crack up.
  10. Welcome ripleyripley :cool:

    You don't happen to have a cat named "Jonesy" do you? (obscure movie reference) ;)
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  11. Sounds like my situation... But we're sharing a scooter! It is easier for me compared to the Mrs but she also doesn't have driving or riding experience and is learning from scratch... But she is progressing well with practice. No doubt you will do the same :)

    I think somebody mentioned the Homebush "get-together for learners" that is really popular. I often drive past it and there's a good amount of learners out there. If you can find a way to get there (e.g. hubby rides the bike to Homebush and you catch the train to Rhodes station and one of the instructors (on unrestricted licence) can ride the bike to pick you up from / drop off at the station) it is worth your while...

    I'm still home-teaching the Mrs but will make her a regular at Homebush in the coming months (she needs to be comfortable riding from Parramatta to Homebush first!).

    On the positive side, the next few months may be most difficult (as its both the learning phase and winter) and if you still enjoy riding after that, you're a life-member :D:cool:
  12. nope he's called Jack (also a movie reference :))
  13. thanks :) I'm definitely going to check out homebush, a few recommendations for it. I'm quite happy its winter, I almost expired when I was trying on all the gear in MCAS earlier in the year when it was hotter, plus the heat that being nervous generates is quite high anyway haha.
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  14. Welcome to the forum mate
  15. I hope you weren't trying the out of season stock (i.e. last winter's stock)... Although that would now be suitable :)
  16. it was the kevlar jeans, like a sleeping bag on each leg:cool:o_O
  17. Welcome to NR
  18. Sounds lovely... as long as your legs don't go to sleep while you ride!
  19. Passed my MOST at the weekend! Feeling a bit more legit now haha,
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