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Inner Sydney Workshop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by damosk, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I've been scouring these forums and t'internet for a decent workshop in Inner Sydney (I'm in E Suburbs). I've always used Flywheels - Ron's a nice guy, but they haven't been able to fix my current Blackbird issue, and the $700 they charged for it pretty steep (considering it wasn't fixed).

    Thing is, it seems there are none better for Honda in the centre - I just called around, and:
    - Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers have closed their Alexandria branch
    - Sydney City Kogarah tried to book me in, and were pretty abrupt when I said I wanted to call another couple first
    - Sydney Performance Motorcycles Tarren Point sound OK, but the phone number seems disconnected
    - Procycle - Cost like a BMW/Triumph shop, and not Honda anyway?
    - Close Motorcycles - due to call me back, but the mechanic I spoke to sounded pretty clueless.

    I'm thinking Close or back to Flywheels, but the bike needs Rego, Geren Slip, Pink Slip, Service and the issue fix, so I can only afford to do this once....

    Any other suggestions?

  2. What is the issue with the bike??

    Do not go to Phil at Beaconsfield Motorcycles on Botany rd, and yes, Ron is a good guy but he charges like a wounded bull.

    I've never come across a 'bird issue that can't be easily fixed.
  3. I guess I've found one :)

    Thanks for the heads up on Beaconsfield
  4. I think you missed my post DO NOT GO TO BEACONSFIELD HONDA.
    Explain the symptoms of the problem, and I'm guessing I or one of the many other bird owners here have experienced it. I'm a moderator on the biggest bird site on the net, there isn't much we haven't seen collectively, and the bird has no inherent problems.
  5. What is the issue with BMS? I've used them for 4 years and have found them well priced, and do a good efficient job.
  6. No, I did get you - and they weren't in my shortlist anyway.

    Issue I have is front brakes stuck, and I have posted it on CBRXX - all good suggestions, none worked.

    I've booked it in to Close for next week; initial mechanic was a bit confused, but Drew phoned me back as promised and sounded confident, so I'll give them a shot.

  7. #7 TWEET, Oct 27, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 27, 2014
    Phil, and the guys he employs are rough as guts. Numerous occasions of my own bikes and those of friends who have used him since he was at Charing Cross 25 years ago and until I finally stopped using him in 2010 getting the bikes back with bolts missing, fairing clips cracked, front axle bolt and pinch bolts still loose, front guard hanging on by 2 bolts etc.

    Once I had 2 tyres mounted, and the rear was mounted backward - wrong direction of rotation.

    Very rough and ready, they pull fairings off and just put them on the concrete floor, never mind about scratching them.

    Front brake stuck as in seized on? Is it permanently stuck, as in can't wheel bike?

    Which caliper? or both?

    How does the lever feel?

    I suspect possibly proportioning/delay valve is sticky/stuck and that is activated by pressing the rear brake, which applies pressure to the centre piston only in the front calipers. That assumes the standard things have been ruled out.
  8. Hmm. You know, that's something that I thought when I first saw the diagram for the system; don't think that's been checked. I might take a look. I've had the front pistons replaced, and checked the master cylinder return port.
  9. Tweet do you remember my cousin Bluear from the Blackbird site.
  10. I guess the way to test that is to bleed the front brakes, push the pistons in, then drive and brake, and to only use the front brake lever. From what I can see, the front brake lever only operates the top/bottom front pistons, and the DV only the centre piston.

    So if the DV is the problem, then it should not be engaged if I only use front brakes, and they should work fine. As soon as I use the rear brake, DV is engaged, centre pistons engaged, and if it's causing the sticking, that's when it'll keep rubbing.
  11. Indeed I do, hope he is well ;)

    Pretty much...

    Need to know more about the exact symptoms though.

    A simple way is to empty the rear brake reservoir, let it be full of air and hence ineffective. Then brake using front only and see...

    Just another thought, what pads are in it?? eBay cheapies by chance? I know people who have bought shit pads and we had to file them to make them fit because they were causing drag being too thick. Quality pads are made correctly..

    From memory (it's been a while) I think the front pads were different for pre FI 99 models. I recall their caliper pistons being shorter, hence requiring a thicker pad. 99 onwards (all EFI) regardless of analogue or digital dash, and of course 01 (they are all digital from 01) use the exact same pads, calipers, have the same braking system entirely.
  12. Bluear is doing well,great job and family.Doesn't ride any more.He was fast in his Blackbird,me and his brother were keen dirtbikers as well.He bought a Husky 250 2 stroke and on his first ride attempted to do what he did on the road.He ripped past us on a trail that went very very steep,we do it in 1st dead slow,he was away before we could warn him,he was tapped in 3rd.Had a huge off and very badly broke his leg,we had a nightmare job to extract him.Came close to loosing the leg and thats it for bikes.Still has the Bird,but no riding.Very sad thing.
  13. Pads are as for before the problem, so hopefully not an issue. Another good point tho, and I can check when they were last changed.

    Also can look at draining the reservoir, although since it's booked in, I might not have time to check myself, and end up mentioning it to Drew as another possible approach.
  14. I remember when he broke the leg, I saw the X-ray, it was nasty!!! I know for a long time after the stack he didn't ride, but thought he might have got back into it eventually. So no riding since the stack? That would have been in 2007?

    Still has the bird but doesn't ride it? Is he going to sell it?
  15. Hope springs eternal,I doubt he will ever sell it,the crash happened at the top of The Great North walk in the Wadigans,we got him on the back of his brothers bike after splinting the leg and very slowly wheeled it down to a place the cars could get to,very ugly.No phone reception,late in the day and not the place for chopper recovery.Makes for some not so pleasant family conversations over the years,thankfully getting over that.Could have been worse,shame about the long term stuff.Pretty horible experiance all round.