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Inline Motorcycles – service, repairs, rebuilds. Excellent! [Vic]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Nightowl, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Wanted to give a big shout out of thanks to Dennis Brockton, of Inline Motorcycles, who’s help with my mum’s recent acquisition has surpassed all expectations.

    He’s gone well above & beyond to assist – not once, not twice, but 3 times so far this year.

    Dennis recently relocated his workshop to Sunshine (from Williamstown) and has devoted clients from all over Melbourne (in view of the assistance he’s given my mother, I can well understand why - he's been fantastic!).

    He does servicing (thorough full service), general repairs and engine rebuilds for all motorbikes, trikes, scooters, dirt bikes and all brands (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Harley, KTM etc), specialising in classic z900s.

    - FREE pick-up & delivery
    - If he takes on a bike he cannot repair there is NO charge
    - Rebuilt 30 engines last year and has already rebuilt 15 so far this year. A full rebuild 6mth/85,000km guarantee
    - Very, VERY reasonable rates

    If you’re in need of a mechanic I highly recommend you give Dennis a call at:

    Inline Motorcycles
    Factory 4
    30 First Avenue
    Sunshine VIC 3020

    Tel: 03 9364 8740
  2. cheers NightOwl,,Dennis is my younger Bro'&as you say,he can repair anything!,,
    I think he has to change the name Inline tho as his ex partner is still using it,Dennis is currently rebuilding my Z900 motor,hes rebuilt stacks of bikes&is brilliant at it&no B**sh*t!!,,loll,,I know hes getting lots of bikes turning up&lotsa Appy Chappys,,!!
    anyone want to contact him can thru me too as hes staying at my place at present,
  3. Nightowl, thanks for sharing. I live very close to sunshine and will be needing a good mechanic. Looks like I no longer have to find one. Let him know that as a result of this thread he just picked up 2 new customers.
  4. Sweet...somewhere I can take my two fiddy when the shit hits the fan.
  5. might be the person to fix my cbr 400 damn easter weekend will ring him wednesday
  6. hes going bush with his kids&minibikes for Easter,Should be back Mon or Tuesday,
  7. ...you know, I went searching for Inline once and never found it. I always thought it was a mirage! But a top wrench spinner in my local area is a boon. I've taken note. :)
  8. they used to have the shop in Blackshaws rd,near the Willy end.....
  9. Hey Doode,
    Welcome in to Netrider. :D
    Glad to see folks are finding this thread useful.
    Dennis has a great service ethic, which I figure is always a good thing to find, see and share.
    And the free pick up & delivery I thought was an awesome thing to offer, specially if your bike is sole form of transport - can save a lot of hassle.
  10. Dennis workshop is a fun one to find. If you get there there is another mototrcycle/car mechanic out the front. As you look at the shop from the road there is an alley way on the right hand side. Go down the allyway and about half way down Dennis' shop is on the left. He will be renaming the shop to White Line or something like that he said.
  11. yeah,Its not the End of the World........But on a Good Day You can See it from there!!!!!,,loll

    yes,He needs a decent sign or something?,i got lost when i first went there too,,

    lol.....behind the tip......loll.......perfect for him!!!.......harr
  12. lol maybe put a bit of gravel on the laneway....so I dont get bogged:)
  13. Oh WOW - He is my ex bike mechanic. Only ex because I sold my bike. I'm so glad now. He is awesome. He has done quite a bit of work for me back in the day. Very happy..
  14. yes,Dennis started that shop
  15. Massive thanks to Dennis for rebuilding my gearbox on my honda shadow vt1100 did the rings light hone prices were fantastic didn't charge a lot i would highly recommend him i will never take my bike anywhere else now days Dennis is the only person i trust with my bike
  16. Think I saw your bike, he's just finshing mine at the moment, rejetting it.
  17. yep that was me
  18. hey ill pass on the pos' feedback for youse guys
  19. What the fuck is up with your grammar, dude??
  20. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to know if White Line or In line is still in sunshine? I just purchased a Yamaha DT230 that has been sitting around for a few years and needed a good honest mechanic to have a look over it, tune and service it before I hit the trails with it.

    Hopefully that won't cost me a fortune either.... Sounds like Dennis may be the man!