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Inline 4 Vs V-Twin

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bass_player, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Apologies if this has been asked before. I couldn't find anything usefull using the search though.

    Anyway my dreams have been shattered. I was planning on ordering a Daytona 675 in the coming months ready for when I'm off my restrictions but the banks don't seem to like me :p . Fair call though and now that I think about it I really can't justify spending all that cash on a bike I'll be selling in a couple of years while I head off to the UK for 12 months or so.

    So I've been searching the net for an alternative. The new bike is to be used to commute to work (rain, hail or shine) in heavy traffic Monday to Friday then for blats through the picturesque Adelaide Hills on weekends.

    I was looking at the CBR600 (RR or F4i) and the GSXR600. Both around '03. But I've now found something else. The VTR1000 (SP1 or SP2). What would be a more suitable choice considering most of my riding will be commuting in heavy traffic, but then come the weekend something that I can have a bit of fun on? Or is there any other models I haven't checked yet?

    Also what are the main differences between the Inline 4's and V-Twins (besides the obvious :wink: ) Is it V-Twins that have more torque lower in the rev range or am I just making stuff up again :LOL: As you can probably tell I have little knowledge when it comes to this sort of stuff.



  2. If you only goal is commuting then CBR600F4i....more comfortable and cheaper to run.
  3. I agree with matt's answer - the cbr600f4i would be the best overall choice.

    The SP1/2 would have more overall power and be faster in a straight line but you would probably find you would be faster riding through traffic on the smaller, lighter 600.

    Also, if you are intent on buying a 1000, have you considered the half faired VTR1000, SV1000S or TL1000S? The insurance will much, much cheaper (by roughly half in my experience).

    To answer your engine question, yes twins have more torque down low and generally dont rev as high as 4's. Think Harley vs sportsbike.
  4. I have found comparing my riding between inline 4s and V-twins that a twin will use a lot more fuel, especially if you are comparing a 600-4 to a 1000-twin.

    I still would prefer a twin though, nicer sound, and much more legally usable power.
  5. Twin = Win
    Four = Bore

  6. :rofl:
  7. My Monster (1000cc) uses A LOT less fuel than my previous bike, 2003 GSXR750. We're talking 5l/100km for city use vs closer to 8l/100km. On the highway it'd be closer, but that's more aero than efficiency of the engine.
  8. if you get a chance try a Cagiva Raptor - Suzuki TLR engine (its a v-twin)
    Think of it as a 1000cc engine shoved into a 250 frame. ITs seriously small heaps of power, tips in well, you dont get a sore back and the thing likes to wheelie. BTW cheap as well i think they are going for about $10,000
  9. early vtr1000 has a small tank. depends how far you are commuting, but it ma make it a pain, when combined with the high fuel consumption.

    The vfr800 has come down a bit in price, second hand, so have a look.

    As I noted, I'd seriously consider an sv650 for my commuting work
  10. Go the twins!!
    Persobally i love them and wouldn't want to trade for any inline.. usable power, great sound and bullet proof.. well my Aprilia seems to be anyway...
  11. I don't know what it is about SP1 and 2's but the exhaust note is just the sweetest.

    VFR also nice bike, friend has one, and commutes half way across Sydney on it. Though I have heard something about the high tech cams and servicing of them - someone will hopefully chime in
  12. The poor bloody Veefer again

    As ive said on other forums the cams really arnt that dear to service on the VFR. It gets a lot of bad publicity. It probably costs about 10% more than an inline 4. Bucketloads cheaper than anything european to service though (I used to ride an RSV Mille).

    I personally would choose the 600f or the veefer to commute and have weekend trips etc. By the 600 if you're smaller. I'm 6'2'' and fit on the VFR.

    Steer clear of an SP1 to commute unless you like the position of kissing your own asshole for extended periods.