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ink, tattoo's, tough stickers......show us yours !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. so guys after some research in the nr archives I found a few half assed threads but nothing really worthwhile so I figure i'd start a new thread for the specific purpose of netriders showing off their ink and explaining (if there is any) the reason behind them getting said tattoo...

    i'll start off with one of mine which i'll need to get touched up (IT'S HARD NOT MOVING WHEN YOUR BEING STABBED IN THE CHEST YOU fcuk ;) )
    tis in memory of my grandparents with whom I was very close to who have both since passed away (y) as you can see the halo needs touching up.

  2. After a discussion at @MV's place, I want a squashed gecko on the bottom of my foot
  3. that's amazing rainbow...[​IMG]
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  4. leave my hairy lil nipples alone..... - I suppose i'm safe from Tweetster tho' with my lack of hair
  5. ...you could get some tattoo'ed on eh?..... :)
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's mine
  7. I've seen gayer.
  8. I thought it was well established that it is now "NertRider"
  9. [​IMG]

    Just got a touch up
  10. ...I thought it was "Notrider" or "Nerdrider".....
  11. Nertrider came about in the make a splash screen thread
  12. Why cover the emblem with wings? Fools
  13. Not sure if this will work? It's a 3/4 sleeve on my right arm, wife and kids with one more portrait to go when the little one gets a bit older


  14. so u need balls to wear a tattoo? whos preaching who here
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  15. Good artwork but why did you want a tattoo of your kid picking his nose?
  16. I dunno I figured if there wasn't a hammer n a sickle I was doing ok ;)