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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by The Predecessor, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Just curious to see what injuries other people out there have sustained due to riding a motorcycle... Major or minor, dosent matter.

    In my short period of riding ive had one big off, got taken out by a car.
    Resulting in a broken left wrist, shattered the radius had to get a plate put in.
    Snapped my right collarbone in two places, broken right ribs and a split open knee.

    Share your injuries...
  2. ooo ghoulish thread, should have saved it for Halloween :LOL:.

    I've never broken a bone falling off any bike, (but did a rib falling out of a tree, go figure!) Sore ribs, shoulder, arm from most recent 'off'.

    Skinned both knees, once in jeans, tar burn, last time in Draggins, kevlar burn.

    But then, apart from the jeans one, I've always worn good gear; I was wearing full leathers in the early 70s.....
  3. Been lucky... Sprained ankle, bruised shoulder, lump on elbow and one broken arse bone out of the three decent crashes I've had.
  4. I'm cerebrally scarred. :cool:
  5. Lets see,
    Both wrists broken, jaw broken, teeth missing, both arms (lower) broken, RH thumb joint busted, 4 bones in hand.
    6 ribs, pelvis, one leg, both kneecaps shattered, right ankle rebuilt, right big toe - (half ground off) ball of foot broken, toenails lost on both big toes, skin removed on back, stomach both knees, rh elbow.

    And head sore where wife smacked it HARD when she found out why.

    All treated at the famous Box Hill Meatworks in the 80's

    Lesson learned - Don't mess with eighteen wheelers, drunk drivers, and fat labradors.

    Don't ride without proper boots, you need your feet for walking into the future.
  6. Grazed knee [scarred up pretty decent], and a nice big graze on my side:


    That patch of skin is STILL a slightly different colour :?

    My wallet sustained the most damage though... :(
  7. None to date...but plenty to "look foward" to :?
  8. Badly smashed left tib'n'fib, needed pins and plates

    Apart from that, mostly lost skin form trailbikes, and one broken bone in my foot from hitting a root in inadequate boots.
  9. Over Handlebars after hitting back of car which ran red light in front then stopped to pick up hitchiker, landed on head, had neck pain for a couple of years bought lighter helmet, ditched clip-ons started riding sitting very upright, finally went to doctor after 3 years, 3 vertabrea in top of neck had fused together, 4 ruptured vertabrae in lower back, that was 25 years ago, still riding, doctors said i should have been imobalised for a few months and never ridden again if i had been taken to hospital.
    Lucky I never knew, but paying for it with major codeine addiction and lots of weird grunty noises which annoy kids when I stand up. :)
    If you land on head I would recomend going to the hospital getting fixed then riding anyway.
  10. 9 1/2 weeks ago
    my bike stopped dead in a granit rock shelf Crack
    ( low speed(15 klm hour )
    and pinned me onto the rock under the tank
    (completely pinned under the bike .
    my left Upper leg took the whole weight of the bike
    the leg musle is split in half
    it is still Not Healed
    it is till black and yellow

    i never knew we could DENT :shock:

    i have at least a 12 mth recovery

    ( been said many times it would have been better if the leg had broken )

    wooppzz forgot to say been riding since 1977
  11. Only split the tibial platue (bottom half of knee joint) front to back and 50mm down. Evidentally marrow was coming out into the joint too. That was in '01 at 50kph . I think I "kneebutted" the kerb. I've ridden this same Ducati since 1986 and had bikes since '82 .So the record isn't too bad. I've had my right ankle screwed back together (wait for it) from falling off roller skates back in '78 :oops: . IT sets off metal detectors in airports now and is a real P.I.T.A. Oh and yeah same as above (peter reebock) sore head from the missus for getting back on it.
  12. ...I too say the same... :? :roll:
  13. One off, scratched my leg... Not bad I think considering I could still ride/push the bike LOL :p
  14. and you will be pushing that bike for years to come :LOL:
  15. I have actually been riding it around (just not hills rides or anything) you know local suburb riding and to coffee last week and it was fine.... Maybe just maybe we have gotten somewhere :p

    P.S. At least I can ride my bike :p har har! :p :p :p
  16. 21 days & counting mate...
  17. I'm amazed how many people seem to get hurt on the bike.

    I have commuted for years on push bikes (Hurstville to City or Concord) down King Geirges or HWY. None of the back street stuff.

    Also commuted on the motor bike to Chatswood, concord, city etc. Never had a prang. When I was a cyclist my mates all crashed with cars and I still wonder how.

    I know when your numbers up , there is nothing you can do but !!

    Everytime I go riding I'm looking ahead thinking what can and will go wrong. Everyday I catch some Fwit about to cut me off. BUT I have spotted it first and compensated. On a pushie it was even worse with arseholes pushing past with inches between your bars and teh cage, Still the same concept applies.

    Please all be carefull out there and if you think someone may cut you off, act as if they will. Just pretend no-one can see you and ride accordingly.

    I just get annoyed how everyone seems to get hurt. I have a excellant track record and plan to keep it !

    PS- the more pushie skills you can get the better motorcylist you will be !
  18. yehar
  19. bruises, cuts etc. from various farm-riding offs.
    in particular, 1 deeply bruised ego whilst showing off to my (now) wife!

    she was impressed :)
  20. Broke the fibula, tore the ligaments in my ankle, dislocated said ankle, had over a square foot of scab, and aparrently concussion.