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Injuries and riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Had a fall at work this morning, and broke my thumb on left hand.
    Problem was i rode to work, so the ride home was interesting to say the least.
    Couldnt wear gloves, and that was different, and slipping the clutch at the lights was difficult.

    It probably didnt affect me as much as it would other people, as a stroke last year has left me with less than full use of my left hand.

    However, it hasnt stopped me riding for the past year and a half, and wont stop me tomorrow either. I have bad legs from a crash in 1985, and am missing part of my right foot.

    So I got thinking
    What injuries are other people riding with?
  2. i think *dropping* your bike is inevitable... some people dont make it past L's without dropping it at the petrol station :p

    *crashing* on the other hand, can be avoided.
  3. A brain injury,from reading to many threads here.
  4. A mere flesh wound,fight on.
  5. The "you will crash"threads seem to be breeding.
  6. I grazed a knee once when I first took up riding
  7. No they won't.
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  8. I didnt crash today, i tripped and put out my hand to catch my fall.
    Havent crashednfor about six years, last crash was a mob of roos.
  9. That's precious!
  10. Hey, i just bought a NSR150 and was wondering what should i know about the bike, the maintenance and the servicing requirments.
    I got the general gist that it need to be maintained Sac Longchamp quite regularly but i can't seem to find anything exact.
    Any info like warm up times, how to ride it, do's and don'ts, Anything useful would be great!!!!

    Also, where is a good place to take the Sac longchamp soldes bike in Sydney cause a few places dont' service the NSR.

    The bike is starting to sound abit funny at low idle like the bike is pinging or something...
  11. Crashed whilst walking:-k
  12. Is that you, Julia Gillard?
  13. Leave the poor bloke alone, he's not starting a crashing/nodding/which glove first thread, he put a legitimate question out in general motorcycling.

    What injuries or ailments I ride with? Well, how do you say... i'm not known as the donkey just because I'm an arse...
  14. I ride with a shoulder injury that gives me slight, mild grief on most big rides.

    The many people I know who hysterically think that the moment you mount a motorcycle you're in great peril, assume it's from a bike crash.

    I got it from typing.

    Goes to show....
  15. I think its a good learning experience when people fall off, drop it, slide down the road, crash into the gutter, for the first time,
    Usually learners and not going very fast,

    I say to them, dont you think its amazing that you havent exploded in a ball of fire, your not in hospital with life threatening injurys, you havent broken any bones,
    You only have a few minor scratches,
    Get them to laugh about it,
    It removes that fear that people have of getting instantly killed by riding a motor cycle,

    It then makes riding bikes fun,

    I broke 3 tiny bones in my foot years ago, taking the side out of a car, I could not get my foot off the foot peg, only bones I have ever broken in my body from bike accidents, and I have had a few, over my 50 years of riding,
  16. i have a dicky knee which aches when i sit in the same position for hours on end. suits me well riding a sportbike and driving trucks to pay for said sportbike...
    also have a permanent ache in the opposite shoulder due to a bone condition.
    every injury i've gotten from crashing bikes has been minor, not involving hospitals, and have obviously healed well within a week or two
  17. Got busted up L4 L5 discs - playing squash, left ankle will never be the same again and neither will right shoulder after two separate work place accidents, and broke my right index fingernail this morning on my pants fly when i was getting ready for work.

    For me its more comfortable riding than driving (unless the back is actually acting up), as the muscles used to work the bike are far better for me than slouching.
  18. haha I don't think I could put them all up.
    2 bulging disc's
    1 compressed
    Torn ac in right shoulder
    severed calf muscle
    Stressed rib cage cartilages.
    Basically cant feel my feet at all after about fifteen minutes. And right arm hurts like hell if I am pushing it or lots of front braking
  19. I rode with broken ribs, which didn't tickle. I mainly used my car, but there were days I rode.

    Last week, I jammed my right thumb at work pretty badly. The pressure that the gloves put on my thumb didn't tickle either.

    I didn't think I could do it before drinking a bottle of scotch, but I used a drill bit to put a hole in the nail to release the pressure - works well.
  20. fractured a vertabrae at work, couldnt sit and drive but got around on the bike OK as my arms supported my upper body weight.. I'd pass out from the pain if I couldnt take weight off my back which made it a bit difficult getting dressed and getting on an off the bike but riding was fine.. ..