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Injured >_<

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar3, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I am not a new member but my old details do not work anymore ](*,) so i have this new account

    I never thought i would make a post like this since i am Mr ATGATT but i fell off the wagon when i came on holiday here to Thailand and then i fell off my rented scooter now im stuffed.

    Basically i turned into a corner, hit some sand and the front understeered. I countered a little bit and stopped the slide and stood the scooter up. Now it was not sliding it was pointing straight...straight into the gutter and tree's..so not turning anymore. So i got on the front brakes, as soon as i touched them the bike just fell out underneath me and my right foot hit the ground hard.

    Now i am missing the toe nail on the big toe and skin surrounding it.

    I did go to hospital right away, they cleaned it and put a local anasthetic, then they removed the remaining nail and stitched it all up >_< it is serious pain like i have never experienced.

    Can anyone who had any sort of similair injuries advise me how i can heal it up fastest? I am still on holidays and have another leg of travel to go.

  2. walk it off princess!

    just kidding ;)

    I think all you can really do is keep it clean and dry... were you wearing thongs? or fully enclosed shoes?
  3. are you for real?....you broke a nail?

    for gods sake man, grow a pair and HTFU
  4. Broke a nail...............Ive shaved off the top portion of my toe...using the damn road man! the nail is gone and the soft skin underneat is ripped up.......the pain is so intense by the time ove gotten out of bed and down a short flight of steps im covered in sweat.,..its not a broken nail......

    does anyone know i it will heal better open or bandaged up?
  5. paulstar i hope everything else is ok. my advice would be rest but since you can't do that with another travel leg coming up, maybe take it easy on the walking etc. having just come back from thailand getting taxis or tuk tuks are quite cheap so maybe you wont have to walk too much. air your foot, check any bandages you have on regularly and change them as needed.
    you can get all sort of stuff over the counter in pharmacies there you can't here without a prescription. so if in extreme pain maybe get some panadeine forte ( be careful with this stuff if drinking and maybe as a last resort ).

    i also hope you aren't screwed with the rental bike. ive heard stories about the company who rents them out hitting up the renter big time for any damage.
    check out the travel boards for thailand specifically on the lonely planet boards for more country specific information, they have heaps on thailand. the section is called the thorn tree.

    good luck.
  6. If you were in Oz or Europe, I'd say leave it uncovered. In hot, steamy, grubby Thailand, you're probably better off covering it up with a loose dressing.

    I have no medical training, but do have some experience of open wounds and dry and ventilated seems to do the trick best.
  7. Your going to want to pay close attention to what that would is doing. I would go with a light bandage as well, and move hell and high earth to keep it clean.

    If anything changes with it, get medical advice, and be careful where you source your drugs and/or antibiotics from, yes a lot are cheap and readily available over the counter, and yes, like a lot of things on that side of the world a lot are fake as well.

    I'm not going to go too much further because advice on medical topics can get out of hand and you really should seek advice from a professional, not a forum.

    Hope travel insurance has you covered (you did choose to have bike cover I assume) and best of luck with the rest of your holiday.
  8. i did that on a pushbike once, covered it with a light bandage and kept it clean and it was all good withing a few days
  9. Hi guys,

    I have not yet contacted my insurance. So far ive paid cash around 5000baht for the initial treatment plus i got the dressing changed yesterday. It is clean, i cant leave my bed in my hotel. i want to unwrap it and let it dry but then if i have to go outside esp for more bandage i cannot........they have bandaged it pretty tight as well.

    I am in Thailand till the 11th of Feb but have to make the trip to bkk from phuket for my flight back to India.. i realllllly hope it i better by then...

    so guys, unwrap and dry?
  10. I went to the best hospital as well, Phuket International, so the quality of care is alright. Ill be contacting my insurance now........ ><

  11. Meh I did that to my index finger on a rotating sander, yer it hurt like hell when the numbness from the shock wore off but it has healed completely (took a month or 2).
    HTFU I thought you were seriously injured :)

    Leave it wrapped for the first week then unwrap it.
  12. I hope you checked that your travel insurance covers two wheeled vehicles before you left.

    Keep it dry (wrap it up in shower, ESPECIALLY WITH THERE WATER) and keep it bandaged.

    take stuff for the pain but this will increase the healing time, so will alcohol. Just walk around and look for all the others with bandages wrapped around legs, arms, hands etc.

    Ive been to Phuket twice and lucky enough not to crash, admittedly i rode intoxicated and with thongs, but never at the same time :)

    watch it in India too, not exactly the best place to avoid infection, i have traveled there too.
  13. A bit of a bummer for your holiday... But for a motorcycle accident in shorts n thongs, you've come up roses. Lucky boy.
  14. I did something similar a couple of years ago but not on the bike. Luckily I did it here in Melbourne and had good treatment from Dandenong hospital.

    Gory (ie, not pretty) link: http://s414.photobucket.com/albums/pp228/gummball4/?action=view&current=Gtoe14days.jpg

    That's what it looked like after 2 weeks. The bone was crushed and the surgeon got all the pieces of bone he could find and wrapped the skin around it and sewed it up. It's healed up pretty well and I have all the feeling in the toe now and just a scar and 3/4 of a nail.

    They told me to keep it bandaged but to have the bandage changed after 10 days so that's what I did. I think I kept it bandaged, with a few changes, for 6 weeks or so and it was tender once I stopped bandaging it but it's pretty good now.

    I got myself a moon boot so I could drive and get around, which was better than crutches.
  15. I've had to deal with wounds in Malaysia before and the only thing I recommend would be to seek professional advice. Dont ask for advice off a forum. In that part of the world infection is a major risk and you should take the situation very seriously. Seek professional advice. If you need questions answered direct them at a doctor.
    Sorry for being a kill joy but a situation like that could very easily get out of hand with improper instruction.
  16. I would keep it wrapped up while outside, and unwrap it in the air-conditioned comfort of the hotel room whenever possible.
  17. LOL okay, you guys are funny and thanks

    to me it is a disaster lol

    I have been in contact with my insurance and waiting to hear back from them. I will be at hospital again tomorrow to get new bandaging done and hope the doc has some good news for me.

    I might have to go home (Aus) to heal up but i realllly do not want too >_< i want to go back to India so im prepared to lay here, leg up till it heals...its got 3.5 weeks..

    Thanks guys
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  19. Bit more blah but...
    classic signs of infection are redness, heat, swelling and pain.
    Not many ways to get rid of an infection without antibiotics.

    Is it oozey? It looks like it has the potential to get infected and worse easily. If its oozing, I would suggest getting an absorbent type dressing, and leaving it on for 48 hours, then reviewing it based on how it looks. Wash it with clean water (?drinking water if the water isnt clean where you are) before you dress it though, and if it oozes out of the dressing change it.
    I wouldnt recommend leaving it uncovered, or touching it and spreading germs. Leaving that open and uncovered is basically inviting some horrible bug to jump in and get cosy.

    Why are stuck in bed? Because its so painful? I would imagine you should be able to walk, even with the foot looking like that. Are you taking any pain relief?

    Hope it heals soon.
    Wont be jumping back on a scooter anytime soon??? I was gonna hire a bike/scooter in Greece, but then i saw how they drive! Figured I was safer in a taxi :)
  20. I had a similar injury too. Part of my toe nail came off my big toe, enough to put a 5c piece into it,and it kept rubbing on my shoe and caused quite a bit of pain walking. So I stupidly got some pliers and clenched my teeth and ripped it out. The pain gave me the sweats. Not recommended at all.
    I put iodine on it to avoid infection, and I made sure I changed the bandages regularly to keep it dry to help with the healing as well as airing it.
    That's what I did because I don't like going to the doctors. But it's best if you did go see them