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Injector Cleaner

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by LPCIII, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question, what are peoples thoughts on fuel additives? Especially injector clear in EFI bikes, is this going to make my engine run hotter and do damage or will the stuff do its job and clean the injectors?

  2. The active ingredient in most injector cleaners is fairly dilute, even more so once you add it to a tank of petrol so unlikely to be enough to cause damage. They usually contain some sort of organic solvent which should (in theory) dissolve dried up fuel - unsure of just how well they would work with a fuel injected engine though given that the fuel doesn't really have much time in contact with the injectors. Most of the higher octane fuels (ie BP Ultimate) already contain additives designed to clean the engine so if you're only running 91 or 95 octane might be worth switching fuels. The most effective way to clean injectors is to remove them and stick them in an ultrasonic bath.
  3. Thanks, jd. Well I use Vortex 98, would that have the same type of additives?
  4. According to Caltex it does, so using an injector cleaner would probably just be a waste of money (but shouldn't do any damage if you want to give it a try).
  5. Again thanks for the info, that's all I needed to here.