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Injector/Carby cleaners in bikes?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matt_thebaker, May 12, 2006.

  1. I was in Kmart today looking at the fuel additives for cars, and I was thinking about buying the injector/carby cleaner to use in my Suzuki.It says it cleans the injectors or carby, obviously, and gets rid of any water and any other cr@p thats in teh fuel tank, but I dont know if you can use them in bikes.Has anyone used them before, or know if they are suitable for use in motorcycles?

  2. Can't see why they would be unsuitable for bikes but I don't think they're that effective - not really any different to just running through a tank of BP Ultimate or something similar. You can by aerosol carb cleaner at most auto stores which is designed to be sprayed down the throats of the carbs. That stuff does definately work - though it may require removing the airbox.
  3. yeah, i dont see why not, i used stacks in my yammy without ill effects, it still has the basic principles of a 4 stroke engine.
  4. Remember you'd have to adjust the amount that you put in (ie: 1 whole bottle for a car tank might = 1/4 bottle for a bike)
  5. just use Shell Optimax, it does the same thing!
  6. Motul make one for bikes. Smells the same as that for cars though and is twice the price.

    In my experience I've never noticed any improvement with any of them till I tried Nulon Total fuel system cleaner ($20).

    This produced a noticeable improvement (mostly in engine smoothness, no noticable cahnge in power) in both my VX Commodore (even my wife noticed and she can drive on a flat tyre with out realising) and 98 VFR800.
    I actually inadvertantly used it at twice the reccommended concentration in the bike and the improvement at idle and throttle response was apparent over a couple of days riding.
  7. if you want to take the water and water residue out of your system pour a half cup of metholated spirits into your tank, wont hurt the bike and takes water and crap out. :wink:
  8. hmm...you sure you weren't at coffee last friday night.......
    that's exactly what I told Smee to do, instead of waste money on wynns spitfire :wink:
  9. great minds think alike, or did we chat abvout it at our last meeting :LOL: :LOL:
  10. The nulon stuff is great, been using it for years in lots of engines.
    You stil need to use metho for water though, teh Nulon only cleans gum, varnish deposits etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Metho in the bike... Interesting... Well I will just not put anything in there unless it says too lol... I am way too cautious... Don't want to bugger it :(
  12. Mate it is the best water remover, I have been doning it for years in all makes of bikes, it cannot hurt it in small quantities.

    eg: half a cup to the tank every 5th fill up. :wink:

    or 2 cap fulls to every fill up. if you want to carry it around with you :wink:
  13. I have done this myself.. and it seems to work very well for removing excess carbon buildup and fixed the overheating problem.

    however i was told that using metho will blow out any scratches in the valve (make them bigger!) is this true? please tell me if im worng!!!

  14. mate not quite sure of what you mean, but if your refering to making the scratches in the valve face bigger thus decreasing the chance of your valves sealing giving you less compression,I would say that this will happen in time weather you use it or not.

    if you think or know you have scratches in your valve faces and seat best to pull the heads and lap the valves. cost you a shitte load less in the long run compared to replacing valves and seats :wink:
  15. Hmmm metho....... if it works for you Ill give it a shot.Thanks for the advice everyone
  16. just get the spray. it works and you can see it happen in front of ur eyes. i would not put anything in my tank that isnt suppose to be there.
  17. What kind of spray is that rootmasta?
  18. I assume he means carburettor cleaner. Pull off the airbox and spray it into the open throttle body while blipping the throttle. It's the only way that really works, those additives are a load of crap.