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Initial thoughts on the New Shark Vision-R Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by DuaneDibbley, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. I thought I'd share my initial thoughts on my new lid :D

    The day before I did QRide I decided to buy a helmet and gloves so that I didn't have to stick my head and hands into someone else's sweat and much for 8 hours at a time.

    After looking at the wall of (pretty heinously painted up) helmets and balking at the price of the Shoei/Arai range at Pro-Honda the guy came over and threw a RJays CFK-1 lid on my head in XL size. Asked if felt tight on my cheeks, "aw yeah, I spose so" I said.
    "Great" he replied. So that was that - I paid my $380 for it and left thinking how easy it was to choose a helmet...

    Forward 2mo and 1200km.

    The helmet is too large on my head. It has a huge low frequency boom/resonance to it that even with decent earplugs in kills my head and ruins my concentration. Various bits and pieces are secured to the helmet by simply wedging them in between things. Generally it sucked and I got the shits with it enough to go buy a new lid.

    Enter the Shark Vision R!

    I discovered it thanks to another thread on here and was instantly impressed with it's on-paper specs. The main features worth mentioning here are:

    ⁃ Bigger opening to look out of.
    ⁃ Internal sun-visor.
    ⁃ Anti-Fog/Anti-scratch visor.
    ⁃ Removable padding beside temples for easier sunglasses insertion.
    ⁃ 'Hermetically' sealed visor.
    ⁃ Removable breath guard.

    I've taken it for a few decent little rides under various environments (night time, freeway speeds, low speeds, vents open/shut, windy etc) and these are my initial thoughts.

    ⁃ Very good visibility out of the helmet. Border of opening barely perceptible in peripheral vision.

    ⁃ Internal sunvisor works better than expected & doesn't get covered in hair etc from inside it's hidey hole while retracted.

    ⁃ Very easy to deploy sunvisor with level on left side of helmet.

    ⁃ Cannot force the main visor to fog even with all vents shut and sitting inside the house with no airflow!

    ⁃ Can't vouch for the scratch proofness yet (Thankfully).

    ⁃ If you wear glasses or sunnies with thick arms the removable padding beside your temples make insertion easy and relieve pressure.

    ⁃ Quality of the helmet seems quite solid overall, certainly a few steps above the RJays.

    ⁃ Removable internal padding attached with push clips rather than velcro so always goes back in same place.

    ⁃ Front vent very easy to manipulate with gloves on.

    ⁃ Easily manipulatable de-fog lever which opens the visor a crack.

    ⁃ Haven't tested in the wet yet but the visor seal appears to work well and seals evenly 100% of the way around.

    ⁃ Comfortable for my head. No pressure areas.

    ⁃ Quieter than my previous helmet. Mid range frequency wind rustle from about 50kph which stays fairly constant in intensity as speed increases.

    ⁃ Stable at freeway speeds.

    ⁃ Nice seal between bottom curtain of the helmet and the neck.

    ⁃ Only a little more expensive than an RJays lid ($449 retail).

    ⁃ 5 year warranty

    It's not perfect, however, and some cons are apparent:

    - The huge opening in the front of the helmet, while great for visibility, means that if you're riding into the sun you can't easily reposition your head to block it out with the helmet rim! I tried and was looking and my gauge cluster before I got any relief from the sun.

    - The integrated sunvisor probably won't be able to supplant a pair of decent sunnies in the summer months as it's simply not tinted enough. This may be rectifiable if Shark or a 3rd party decide to make more tinted version. But for the moment I've found it fine but would want better in summer! Today I rode home into the sun with only the integrated visor and found it fine on my sensitive ranga eyes.

    - The controls for the two top vents are very narrow and operate on a rocker. I've found them fine to use while wearing summer gloves but if I were to put my thick DriRider Storm winter gloves on I wouldn't have much hope of knowing whether I've opened or closed them or even touching them! However, I find myself riding in winter (with the vents all shut 98% of the time anyway).

    - On a very cold night after riding a while I found the outside of the visor to ice up a little. Again, no fog inside but the the outside began to look like looking through a thin ice layer. Probably a more environmental issue than the visor itself (but I never noticed it on my RJays - it just fogged crazily) and it cleared within a few seconds of setting off again.

    - The interior cloth is very soft (mmm comfy) but if you have a habit of stuffing your gloves inside your lid you should make sure you clover all the grabby velcro bits as they'll do a good job of roughing it up and pulling threads in the fabric.

    - Finding a Vision-R in the size and design you want is less straight forward than walking in and grabbing it. Stock seems pretty limited on account of the popularity (supposedly) of the Sharks. I've heard a fair few reports of Shoei's sitting on shelves while Sharks (particularly the new models) are walking out the door. I spose it bodes well for Shark, but not for you if you want a particular one in a hurry!

    - Removing the main visor and sunvisor is achieved by yanking them out of their holders. It feels positively barbaric and I was in fear of snapping them when they finally came loose.

    - Reinstalling the visors is much the same affair. Much more force than I'd prefer, the normal lever removal mechanism is much more pleasing in my opinion.

    The helmet comes in a nice, weighty, Shark branded bag along with an instruction manual with handy pictures (but poorly translated French hehe). And a creditcard style 5yr warranty card and registration card to send in.


    Ultimately choosing to buy a new helmet to replace a pretty new helmet in search of a less noise was a (silly?) gamble. I think it's actually paid off as riding is no longer painful above 70kph (even without earplugs!!!) so I'm sure that at 110kph and earplugs in the Shark will be whisper quiet!

    The quality is a large step up from the RJays for only another $70 and in my opinion well worth it. I immensely regret buying the RJays now. $380 I'll never get back. Admittedly I've never owned a Shoei or Arai helmet but given my experience with the Shark so far, they will need to provide me with something VERY special to prize an extra $500 outta my hands in future.


    Vision -R Pics (My model)

    My replaced RJays:
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  2. I've had a shark rsr2 for a few years now and they make a good helmet. I've also got a crap helmet that I use for riding around town so I'm not too worried about leaving it on the bike etc. a use for your rjays?

    ps my avatar is holly from series I & II. you should put up duane as yours.
  3. Nice review mate!
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  4. I'm very keen on trying the new vision range. I've currently got the Shark RSI, and there is a number of aspects I am very unhappy with (and hence the want to change helmets), namely venting and sunglassability. On the RSI I can not feel a difference between the vents being open or closed; seems to make no difference at all, which is horrid in summer, and in winter is an issue (I either ride with the visor cracked to it's lowest limit, which is still a tad too open and causes my eyes to water, or closed and fogged up). And in summer I can not get a pair of sunnies into the helmet without impaling myself on the arms. This range seems to answer both of these issues.
    Thanks for the review!
  5. I recently bought a plain white Vision R helmet and i love it.
    Love the inbuilt tinted visor, saves me having to carry a spare visor or wedging sunnies into the helmet.
    Highly recommend the helmet
  6. I recently bought an RJay CFK-1 and loving it. There is a low frequency boom but not really annoying for me...........maybe its because ive got a noisy ass cruiser and a 2 stroke thats made me partially deaf :)............on the plus side the helmet fits very well but I did have to go 2 sizes lower than my other helmet, another plus side its very light although not as light as the Takamii. The noise problem with the CFK-1 isnt because of the vents or the chin guard, its because for some odd reason they decided to scrape the sound insulation from the ear area and only in the ear area and even put holes in the fabric again in the ear area only (obvious)...............easily fixed though ;).

  7. Can you wear prescription glasses under the internal sun visor? Anyone?
  8. Great review. Wish I had the cash to buy a new helmet at the moment, because I'd very keen on one of these.

    As for the RSi glasses issue, I poke the arms down in between the cheek pads and the helmet. No uncomfortableness.
  9. K, I have the S900 with integrated sun visor. If your asking if you can use the sun visor and still have enough room for perscription glasses. Yeah you won't have any dramas.
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  10. Thanks mate.
  11. Good review friend, thinking my next helmet will definitely be a Shark, either Vision or Evoline. I too bought an Rjays (Striker II) not knowing any better, and while it's not awful, fogging is a major issue for me because I run hot and the Rjays is just piss poor at dealing with it. At least mine was only $150 or something
  12. *nods* +1 for not knowing better and getting a rjays striker...apart from a lucky chance every so often...it always fogs up...so i've just learnt to ride with visor open a inch or two

    will be upgrading shortly...
  13. Just got my Shark vision-R.

    Great helmet - all summed up perfectly by the OP. The Vision is as advertised (and hence why aptly named after it) out on the road i could actually see to my peripherals, unlike my HJC which i could see the helmet. It has to be seen to be believed - not the same as trying in store and walking around.

    Build quality is fantastic, much, much better than my HJC. Haven't got the chance to try the integrated sun visor yet as its dark.

    My one compaint - Wind noise. I believe its due to my skinny neck - the wind screams when i reach 60kph, must creep past the neck silencer as i can feel there is a large gap. This helmet was marketed to be extremely quiet.
  14. Great review and timely. My son and I are looking at new helmets and this one looks like it should fit the bill perfectly. I have had a Shark RSF for a while now and the only complaints is that's hard to add a pair of sunnier and that the top vent isn't the best now.
    Has anyone else experienced wind noise on the Vision-R, my RSF isn't too bad
  15. Timely haha, last post before yours was August last year :p
  16. Nice review, Duane. I got a Shark Vision-R last month and have enjoyed it so far.

    I especially like the huge opening and have found it very comfortable. It's only noisy for me if riding with the main visor up and the sunnies down; otherwise I've found it to be very quiet.

    I agree with Duane that the big opening is a problem with riding facing the sun since I can't comfortably reposition my head to block the sun. But I can live with that.

    I don't have the same impression, though, in regards to the anti-fog main visor. It fogs up very easily for me, even with all the vents open especially on rainy days. I'm definitely buying an anti-fog insert.

  17. Hi Guys,

    I have this helmet and initially I thought it was amazing that was until I had to use it in the wet. In order for it not to fog up I have the crack open slightly which does get rid of any fog which is great however this produces a new issue which is that water now gets into the helmet from the top. It runs on the inside of the visor which makes it impossible to get rid of unless you pull over and wipe it off. As you can imagine if you continue riding it make visibility very poor. I'd love to know if anyone else has this issue as all or is it just me???

    As I ride all day every day regardless of weather it gets very frustrating and can be dangerous. Besides this I do love everything else about the helmet. The inner sun visor is great and I wear normal glasses which are comfortable with this helmet. I'd love to hear if you guys face a similar issue to me.


  18. I generally avoid riding in the wet, but I accept that you don't have that choice. Having said that I've never owned a helmet yet that didn't leak water down the inside of the visor if you had it 'cracked' open, even just a tiny bit.....
  19. See I used to have a S900 and I don't ever remember it being like that all. Just that it used to fog up heaps. Ah well I now keep a cloth of standby just in case :)
  20. Howdy VicstarVicstar do you have a pinlock anti fog insert in your helmet ?