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Initial Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by citymorgue2, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi All Netriders

    1st time poster, short time lurker.

    Recently got my first bike (this site was really useful for that process by the way).

    Im 28, live in Melbourne and have a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR250. Will mainly being used for commuting to public transport and occational ride into work.

    Will be interested in meeting a few fellow riders.

    If there are any budding homebrewers out there, its worth visiting aussiehomebrewer. Best homebrewing site on the web. Im also a member there (same tag).
  2. Welcome to Netriders..
  3. Homebrewers? Where's Chairman??

    Welcome to Netrider :).
  4. Greetings from another newbie...and if you ever need an expert brew taster pop us a line.
  5. thanks fellas. Ill have to post some pics of the bike soon. just waiting on my netrider membership to come through now...
  6. Welcome.

    Stuff the bike pics. Give us a batch of home brew.
  7. welcome.
    I'm too impatient for homebrew.
  8. Hi :grin:
  9. a fellow AHB'er!!! i thought i recognised that handle! Homebrew is to drinking as motorbikes are to driving. Cheaper, more skillful, more fun and more rewarding!
  10. hi and welcome did a bit of home brew in my time done a lot of draught and lager but dont do any more.
    work around the corner from a homebrew shop in clayton
  11. hi ya lob. yup im on here now. Pokolbinguy is a netrider member also.

    hi Tigger. get into the brew its great stuff. visit aussiehomebrewer.com
  12. Welcome and enjoy this great site but as a Diabetic Home Brew is a no no for me but post ride a good malt or fine red is OK however when riding I am and have always been TEETOTAL.

    I have put far too many good friends in the ground over the years and I do everything I can to dissuade fellow bikers from mixing alcohol and bikes.

    Not a wowser but my black suit is getting far too worn.
  13. Welcome fellow Netrider :grin:
  14. agreed cookie. not planning on mixing the homebrew and riding. bugger about the diabetic bit. although when brewed properly its better for you than normal beer.

    Im trying to get in as much riding as possible. and the more I ride the more I see I was kidding myself about sticking with a 250cc for a long time. maybe I have to keep my zzr250 as a commuter and get some cash toegther for a naked 750cc. something like the Kawa ZN1600 meanstreak is a nice bike or maybe just a Vulvan 900custom
  15. Hey mate, welcome to the nuthouse :wink:

    Interesting nick name dude, how'd that come about?
  16. long story. a favourite way of answering the phone is "citymorgue, you kill em we chill em". first email address ever (about 12yrs ago) was citymorgue2@hotmail.com.

    also by coincidence I studied forensics, justice, criminology etc etc. all stuff involving crime etc so it sort of fitted. Plus a few of my lecturers thought that because I had an email address of citymorgue2@hotmail that I worked at the Melbourne Morgue (which i of course didnt but did do a stint in the coroners office).