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Ingrish the Pakistani Way

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by vic, May 15, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    Being manufacturers we are pleased to inform that we make nicest quality motobike jackets, trousers, suits, waistcoats chaps etc. We already produced Xtreme wearther and zebra brand jackets for our patronisers in full satisfaction.

    You may trust our products or send your own specimen to produce counter ones which will be kept confidential.
    Looking to your early good news,
    abid ali
    Goya international
    Green town Boughra
    Daska Road, Sialkot
  2. Dear Vic

    We are brightly please to servicing your orders also pleading that you draw great enjoyments from our buttockless leather chaps for excellent ease of access.

    Soon to hear from you
  3. Loz, I in no way enjoyed the pic of your arse crack dood :p
  4. Oh, so you think you can do it better? Is that what the chaps are for? Throwing down the gauntlet (or the pantaloon) on a buttock challenge eh? Browneyes at the crack of dawn? Moons at high noon? Know ye no fear?
  5. :LOL: Suddenly the lyrics to "Bad Moon Rising" take on a whole other meaning.