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Informant Truckers?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rugsta, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    While riding back to Melbourne from a weekend in Uluru over the Australia Day weekend I was pulled over by a member of the South Australian Police Department.

    The officer in question was generally not a happy bunny. He was apparently unimpressed due to a <quote>colleague of his clocking me at 143kph</quote>. I rigorously denied this positively scurrilous accusation, he told me to shut up, he didn't lie, his colleague didn't lie, threatened to throw me jail, rebuke my working holiday visa and informed me he knew my bike could do at least 180kph even loaded up with his <quote>fat arse</quote> (he was indeed fat) in the saddle.

    At this point I shut up, looked extremely forlorn and agreed with everything he said with lots of nods and the occasional "yes officer". Anyway the officer decided to let me off with a warning.. this leads me to believe that...

    1. Someone informed the officer I was riding "enthusiastically" cause I'm sure 100% of traffic cops delight in high speed chases.
    2. This may have been the trucker that slowed down and waved to said officer while he was threatening me with imprisonment.

    Certainly I admit I may indeed have overtaken a few trucks doing a little over the speed limit to ensure that I didn't adorn the front of an oncoming car/truck. Question is, has anyone else suspected other road users of informing the police of speeding motorcycles?

  2. Amazing what gets across the UHF radio :LOL:
    However in Australia we have "Truckies" or "Truck Drivers".
    Drop the Yank BS :wink:
  3. Sorry I'm actually British... could say I was using rhyming slang?
  4. Deny til you die! Unless the copper saw you speeding, then he cant do you, that's the reason you got a warning.
  5. If you deny it, and they produce a video/photo of you doing what you've just denied, you are pretty unlikely to get off. I'm sure there's a "Lying to SOmeone Wearing a Blue Hat" charge you can get also...

    You ask questions.

    -Where did you see me doing this officer?
    -At what time was this?
    -Do you have a photo or video of it?
    -May I see it?
    -What device was used to measure my speed?

    If they can't answer them, then it's unlikely you're about to get a ticket.

    Or alternatively, if they are accusing you directly, you can say:

    "I conditionally accept that, Officer, based on your submission of acceptable proof you would rely on in court to charge me with the same."

    This is a way to stop the policeman from asking you self-incriminating questions. You're saying "If you've really got me: then I don't dispute my guilt."
    Then it's time for them to 'show their cards' or bugger off :)

    Edit: this may make you fail the reported "Attitude Test" depending how you do it... I'd only say it if I didn't have any other answer to the questions that wasn't "OMG ok I did it! I'm sorry! *cry*"
  6. I believe in some states

    IF they radar you
    they MUST be able to show you the reading when you ask
    ELSE you get off...

    can anyone confirm?
  7. Listening to the police radio channel I've often heard reports from motorists, (probably mobile phoned in) on the Hume being broadcast out to the TOG/TMU to look for Vehicle/rego/ offence. If it happens there why not anywhere else?
    But I would not blame a truckie, but probably just one of the motorists you've blown by. You only have to scare one inattentive driver. Oh he scared me! look at his speeding! and ring ring..your done.
    A little common sense goes a long way.
  8. In NSW they don't have to show you, and in fact due to their duty of care for you while pulled over they prefer you to stay in your vehicle.
  9. +1 to not incriminating yourself
    just look dumb and dont talk
  10. I got pulled over on the Palmerston Hwy near innisfail in north Queensland, The cop said I was doing 122 on my old GPX250, not surprised it is extremely steep road, I asked to see the radar reading, he said he couldn't show it to me as he had cleared it (Hand held gun)

    He stopped writing out the ticket, gave me an earfull and sent me on my way.

    Now I assumed at the time it was because he couldn't show me the reading, and I have heard the same thing from a few other people, when they asked to see the reading, if they couldn't show them the reading they copped an earfull and were sent on there way.

    Never did an official explanation for that one....
  11. Is there a fine for being a smart ass?

    ask the officer

    What time was I a smart ass?
    Do you have a video of me being a smart ass?

    If the answer is no, you probably still are a smart ass
  12. Officer "You've got a defective vehicle smartass"
    You "No I don't"
    Officer "for being a smartass, you have to take time off work etc now to prove it. Here's a defect notice. Have a nice day".

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I have been listening to the police radio over the net, and im really surprised at the amount of "car/bike driven at speed etc" calls are made, it makes you think about overtaking and splitting a little more :shock:
  14. Edited, I make mistakes too....

    You may ask to see the Radar. It is my understanding that in Vic they will show it to you.
    It's not a legal right, but, if Mr Plod refuses, I would politely say "I will be challenging this in court on the basis that you have no proof of my alleged offence".
  15. :p :p

    I got pulled over by traffic cop in bright orange Highway Patrol car;

    Officer: "good morning sir, Senior Constable blah blah from South Metropolitan Highway Patrol"
    Me: "ah ha"
    Officer: "why were you travelling so fast back there?"
    Me: "ha?"
    Officer: "do you know what speed you were doing?"
    Me: "yeah, i'd say about 95"
    Officer: *looking shocked* "yes, in fact i clocked your speed at 97km/hr"
    Me: "yeah that'd be bout right."
    Officer: "do you realise the speed limit here is 70?"
    Me: .......... *looks shocked*
    Officer: "hahaha, I guess not then hey."
    Me: "i come this way every month or so, i've always gone this fast cause i thought it was 100 here."
    Officer: "ummmm no."

    talk about dropping yourself in the shit! :)
  16. ^^

    i got stung on lachlan valley way for 138/100, i was driving a work vehicle with a measurometer (technical term - like an odo, only measures metres down to centimetres) running off the speedo sensor without aq diode in line. what this did is make the actual speedo do silly things.
    officer: any reason that you were speeding back there?
    me: was i speeding?
    officer: how fast do you think you were going?
    me: i dunno, speedo said 175....
    officer: *laughs* well, you'll be pleased to know that you were only doing 138
  17. AAAhhhh.... Joel. Bad man
  18. I had that one thrown at me once...

    My response was to grab my roadworthy testing tread depth tester (yes work did do roadworthies) and measure the tyre that the police office alleged was unroadworthy.

    I measured the tyre, noted the measurement and when the police office asked what I was doing I explained that I worked at a roadworthy testing station, and that I was one of the people who signed them.

    I then said "in my expert opinion as verified by this tread depth gauge and the fact that the tread pattern is complete and not down to the wear markers that this tyre is in fact roadworthy", and I will be saying so in writing if you write that defect.

    He suddenly decided to warn me that my tyres were 'close to unroadworthy' and drove off. :LOL:
  19. That URL may be cool :eek: