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Informal practice for the p's test in Sydney??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Abo Bob, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I was thinking about doing the rider training course at HART which they say is basically cramming for your P's. It costs $150.

    Then I thought about saving $150. :D

    So... why don't we get about say 4-10 of us together, find a carpark that's empty on the weekends, hire or borrow some cones from somewhere and set up the course that's in the RTA handbook?

    If there are any experienced riders available and willing to help that would be nice too. Maybe someone who has done the test themselves in recent times as well as a properly experienced rider?

    I've got my test booked for 24/2 so keen to do it 10, 11, 17 or 18 Feb.

    Who would be interested?

  2. Mate, you get plenty of practice on the day of your p's test.
    Its pretty much practice all day, then comes down to the final test.

    You'll be right, if you wish to 'practice' I guess theres no harm.
    Aslong as you know how to control a motorcycle, relax and you'll be fine.
  3. Well call me paranoid, call me anal, call me Susan if it makes you feel better. I just feel like this will give me some confidence so I can relax a little on the day.

    ps just jokes. I will do something like this on my own if no one is interested.
  4. Head to Olympic Park, Homebush Bay. Turn onto Majorie Jackson Parkway from Australia Avenue and follow until you see a small car park on the left that is surrounded by the concrete divider barriers.

    Someone has marked out the majority of the Ps test in spray paint. It is easy to mark out the obstacle weave and the quick stop yourself.
  5. I'd be interested in watching if i can get there by walking.
  6. Let me know if you do it... i'm only just on my l's (getting bike tomorrow), but i'd be interested in watching!
  7. Apparently you can get 6-8 small witches hats from rebel for like $10
  8. I just did my test last tuesday (and passed wooo). Did it on faired zzr. It very much depends which bike you use as to how hard it is. When I did mine there was my zzr, a cb250, a trail, a posty and a cruiser. The cruiser had trouble because of the longer wheelbase, but it was only a virago so it wasn't that long. I had the fairing so mine was more difficult than the other non faired, non cruisers. But as you say, I wanted confidence in the course so I tried it all out. I've got cones as well as the printouts and having done recently I could probably give you some good tips.

    As to lots of practice on the day, I had roughly 30 minutes of practice on the course, the rest was theory and breaks and the road ride and talking, etc etc. but that was at St Ives so maybe its different elsewhere.

    Anyway, I'd probably be able to come help/watch/giggle. Incase I can't come I'll tell you now the key to doing the handling bits- go slow, ride the clutch, higher revvs and use backbrake for balance and speed control. Once you have that mastered its really easy. For the cone weave, make sure you start wide on the first cone and the rest should follow.

    Something probably useful as well, the course they have for the MOST is easier than the one you download of the internet, by FAR. And on the day you do practice on a harder version (still not as hard as internet specs), before doing the actual test on an easier course. And on mine we didn't get to practice the easier one before we did it..

    Good luck
  9. I own a virago and I practice every week at Prince of Wales Drive down near Botany/La Perouse.

    they also have spray's on the road but only for the Cone Weave and the U-Turn Space. But I guess you could measure out the quick stops and the rest easily.

    for weeks I couldn't do the cone weave properly..... long wheelbase and all - it really does make the weave so much harder...... but yesterday I've noticed something on the footpath next to the weave markings. it's another spray painted dot - and it's prolly there for a reason.... so b4 I started on the weave, I kept that mark as where to look......
    3 Cones later I still had balance and speed to complete the last two easily. the U-Turn I mastered a while ago.

    just to share my knowledge. Have a sight marked. the one that's marked for me is on the left hand and is splitted between the 3-4 cone. Off set from the cones for a about a metre. I dunno if it makes sense or if it's correct but it sure helped be understand how to do the weave perfectly. Just by having someone to mark my line of sight until I reached the 4th and 5th cone.

    hope this helps, - I can clearify it abit more with drawings if you want.
  10. Ok I think I'll check out this homebush carpark and then make it an event and see who turns up.

    Thanks for the offers of help. That would be nice.

    You newbies, why would you watch when you can ride?
  11. Practice for P's

    Hi all i would be in practicing but i guess it would depend on where you would be doing this? I too own a Virago 250 and i am hoping to get in as much practice as i can before my P's test!

    cheers :)
  12. I'd love to get in on this. But I don't have my bike yet. And I need more practice cas I've only ridden a few times: a few weeks ago at the stay upright practice session, and getting my L's last year back in September.

    I've still got plenty of time - L's don't expire till June, but the thought of riding on the road almost makes me crap in my pants. And there's no "quiet streets" where I live, unless I want to practice in the middle of the night on weekdays.
  13. Doesn't the L's only last 6 months?
  14. i'll ride if you teach me some tips :)
  15. I kept my certificate of competance from the course for 2 and a half months, then passed the knowledge test first go in mid December :grin:

    I shoulda said "went on the course last September" rather than "got my L's last September".
  16. yay Virago riders!

    yeah we all should meet up somewhere and practice - especially with Virago riders being the Newbies.... our Bikes are pretty challenging for the Course.... my tesat is in a month and even tho I practice my butt off - I still feel very uncomfortable -

    sometimes I wish I got a CB250 for the test and upgraded.... but the Virago is tooo niiiiceeee.

    I know you can hire the CB's for the test but I'd rather use my own. cos I know it better... it's just gonna be harder.... streeeeessss
  17. Has there been a idea on the date?
  18. Well it was a bit wet last night and threatening tonight so I will check out this homebush one on the weekend and then we can do it next weekend.
  19. What a great idea! I'm definitely keen :grin:

    Keep me posted :)
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