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Info Required for Croajingolong National Park.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has any info on a trip a group of us are planning.
    We plan to ride the tracks in far east Gippsland through the Croajingolong National Park visiting Point Hicks, Elusive Lake, Wigan Point, Sandpatch Point and Shipwreck Creek. All of these locations are connected by 4wd tracks / fire trails.
    Currently we have four motorcycles and two FWDs going. (we need the FWDs to carry fuel)
    Has anyone done any riding is this area?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  2. The blue area is called water, no good for riding on. Glad I could help.
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  3. Wingan inlet is nice, and just a regular dirt road with a million corrugations.
    point hicks would also be worth the trip.

    pearl point and bemm river have some pretty good fishing, cape conran has a good beach.

    can get pretty windy down there too.

    If you can get across tamboon inlet there was a parks cabin you could rent there and that place is magical and deserted sometimes, cause you can't drive there.

    most of the tracks should be passable, depending on the last time they were cleared, or there was a fire near one. take a chainsaw to clear logs and a snig chain so you can drag them off with the 4wd's. what bikes will you be riding?

    I don't thing you will get much phone reception, so a way of communicating might come in handy down there.

    really beautiful part of the country, I haven't been in a few years but I've driven most of those roads at one time or another. they might be pretty overgrown in places and boggy after rain. sand too.

    also, the mosquitos can eat you alive at certain times of the year. not much fresh water.

    the parks office at cann river would be worth a stop for info/premits/maps. or call them.
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  4. LOL.
    Depends where you live I supose. When it gets cold enough the blue stuff turns white and then it's shit hot for riding on.

  5. Pieces, thanks for your advice.
    I spoke to a guy who has done some 4wd driving down there and he said that fallen trees were the biggest problem in the National Park. The state park was fine but when you got into the NP the situation changed dramatically. Apparently the NP rangers fell trees across the tracks to discourage people from accessing the park. Like, who owns it anyway? The chainsaws are in.
    Organising a radio set up for bike to 4wd communication now.
    Thanks for the tip about the mozzies. That's something that would have slipped through the net.
    So far we have 2 VStroms, a Honda XL 250, a Husky?? and a TS185 plus the two Toyotas.
    I know a bloke at Cann River so we plan to trailer the smaller bikes to his place and start the ride from there. Having a trailer there is a good idea in case we have to "retrieve" one of the bikes.
    Thanks again for the tips.
  6. we've retrieved a ttr600 on a tractor tyre once. it was easier to drag the tire in then try to get a trailer in. Sounds like fun.