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Info request: Black Spur and other rides to the north of Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tasguy, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Hi people :)

    Well I have made good time on my trip from QLD to VIC overnighting in Narrandera tonight. Will have tomorrow PM and all of Tuesday to fill in before getting the Spirit home on Tuesday night.

    Thought I would find a scenic spot somewhere around Healsville to stop tomorrow night and see what the Black Spur is all about :) Are there any other good rides that people would give the nod to within about 100km of there??

    Be nice to see some corners and even out the tyre wear after the Newell highway :)
  2. Weekdays should be a good time to sample those roads but don't go mad if you value your license. Beware of log trucks.
    From Healesville, find Chum Creek Road (follow signs to Yarra Glen for a couple of Ks, then turn right toward Kinglake). You could follow it all the way up to Kinglake, or turn back via Myers Creek Road back to Healesville.
    Everyone will tell you to take the Black Spur up to the Marysville turn-off and take the long loop via Marysville and Reefton Spur to Warburton. And they'd be right. Turn around and come back the opposite way, or maybe branch off further on at Yarra Junction to Noojee/Icy Creek (Baw Baw if you're feeling heroic).
    Alternatively, on a good day it's worth the hike up to Eildon for Skyline Road and Fraser Park Road.

    Edit: Which way? Heading south, try and fit in the Whitfield to Mansfield stage (means turning off the Hume at Wangaratta/Oxley). - well worth it and it will bring you out at the top of the spurs.
  3. Thanks Titus :)

    Im use to log trucks, we share a lot of our road with them in Tassie, and I guess the drivers here just as bad in taking up ALL the road.....

    Not looking to set any land speed records, seems there are popo everywhere saw a half dozen cars today, glad its not like that at home!!

    Ahhhh Baw Baw....... is that unsealed roads heading up there, will pass if it is :)

    Fingers crossed for a couple of fine days, the weather men lied today, pi$$ed it down between Dubbo and West Wyalong :(
  4. Hey tasguy,

    Yep builing on what titus said, I would probably do a loop a little like this (linky)


    The Black Spur (Healesville to Marysville) and the Reefton Spur (Marysville to Warburton) could be done in either direction really. And the route I have shown takes in Mt Donna Buang (edit. the mountain between Warburton and Healesville).

    But for the section around St Andrews and Kinglake, make sure you go St Andrews first, so you are going UPHILL into Kinglake.

    That'd be a decent loop. Enjoy the ride, wherever you go :grin:
  5. +1 to Morbo, they are fun roads. Reports say the Reefton is fairly covered with leaves and stuff so be careful.
  6. Awesome :) Thank you for sharing the local know how!

    Looking to use Healeville as tomorrow nights base, have just been looking at the map (paper touring map that is...) thinking of running in via Seymor and Yea then Molesworth, Alexandera, Taggerty and Buxton. Thought I could then run into Marysville on the way down. Always good to have a recon run first :)

    Sorry no google maps, doing this on a slow netbook with a 7" screen and its near impossible to compose maps properly.

    Thanks again guys!
  7. B > C > D > castella is all clear.
  8. Bloody awesome, just playing with my GPS and have discovered that it will display pictures!

    So I will now have Morbo28's excellent map that I can scroll and zoom as required at my fingertips :)

    Thanks again!
  9. The tallest peak between Warburton and Healesville is called Mount Donna Buang, not Mt Baw Baw. The latter is approx. 100 km to the east.

    The road between Mt Toolebewong and Warburton, Mt Donna Buang Rd has an unsealed section which is typically CLOSED during winter. Tasguy, you will need to detour by going Healesville -> Woori Yallock -> Warburton.
  10. Yeah, Donna Buang...that's what I meant...wrong word. Good pickup, CS, I've edited it now :)
    (btw I have ridden the unsealed section at different times and found it's been fine in winter but each to their own, you may prefer to detour)
  11. Me? Detour? Bollocks! I've ridden Acheron Way, Woods Point and Mt St Gwinear during winter on my ZZR250. :grin:

    But judging by Tasguy's avatar, he's got a ZZR1100 or similar, and being far from home I'm guessing he doesn't want to risk dirt.
  12. atta boy :LOL:

    Yeah he might be better off detouring. As you know it's nice solid, hard packed dirt, not loose or rocky or anything. Tas, here's a shot of the dirt, see what you think. I took this a coupla years ago now but it's not too dfrnt now I don't think. I trot this out every time people ask what the surface is like. I'm sure they're sick of it now lol.
  13. Thanks guys :)

    Yup I'm on a ZZR 1100, now the proud owner of a C and a D model picked this one up in Brissy on Friday.

    I will avoid the unsealed sections, Im the original Tar Baby, I don't like the sections where they are doing road repairs on the highway!
  14. try
    has rides around Melbourne and up the east coast. can even download the gps files and videos of the good bits of the rides.

    other good rides are from Launching Place to Noojee through Powelltown and out around Kinglake
  15. +1 on Whitfield Mansfield

    To avoid the slab of death(Hume Highway)


    You can go via Howlong as there is a few nice sweepers coming up to the highway, but you were a bit of slab.

    I love the whitfield - mansfield road. Watch out for wombats and wallabies.
  16. Came in via Marysville today, but was really late in the arvo as the fog was hellish out of Nerrandera today, rode first 200Km in pea soup at between 40 and 70 Km/h made it a slow hard work day :( At least the other traffic was sensible and well behaved too.

    Thats definetly a nice bit of road, few wet slippery corners and the odd bit of debris on the road and as it was getting dark I went easy. Definetly not a place you would want to have a big off.....

    Look forward to revisiting it again tomorrow, and having a little wander out to Reefton too :)
  17. We've had wind and rain, reefton spur is a little treacherous at the moment, loads of bark, leaves and sticks on the road along with a fair share of moisture...
  18. Had a great day out today, well once the fog finally cleared round 11:00 :) Out to Yarra Glenn, St Andrews to Kinglake then Toolangi back to Healesville and up to Marysville and back a couple of times. Gave the Michiline mans fingernails a good trim on the Road Pilot 2's :) Alas all good thing have to end and the run through Melbourne to get the boat reinforced that, don't know how you guys do it every day, truly intense, had forgotten about trams and tram lines.... Must be a *nightmare* in the wet!! Thanks again for your input people, some great roads there and nice to now know what people are talking about when I read the threads :)
  19. Glad you had a good time Tasguy, and yes, wet tram tracks can be blue murder!

    Hope the boat ride back is OK, weather report says swells of 2-3 metres. :p
  20. Back home safe and sound :) Boat ride was smooth and gotta love being first on and first off being on a bike :) Will post a ride report and some pics from the trip in the next few days :)