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Info on V-Strom 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dugite, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Hi all have decided to get back on a road bike after being without one for awhile & have looked at a few models on the net & think the Suzuki v-strom 650 meets most of my requirments, which are some medium distance touring, commuting to work on nice days which is a round trip of 130klm hence i like the 22ltr tank also our roads up here are pretty rough & the suspension is supposed to be pretty forgiving.
    If anyone who has one or knows much about them could pass along some information it would be much appreciated :?

  2. From what I understand its a touring, slightly detuned Sv650. The sv650 is a awesome all round bike with no major issues. I know somebody who runs a DL650 as a commuter and he loves it. commuted about the same distance you will, normally with his wife into brissy each day. Says its a awesome bike.

    http://www.offroadvw.net/bajawes/ go to baja wes, and one of the links is to a thing on his bike. hes v6 powered VW baja is also a awesome little toy....
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  5. If you plan on off road touring make sure they give you the bash plate for free if you buy the bike brand new. They class it as an "extra".

    I think it's an essential.
    You can type in V-Strom 650 reviews in a search on the Net.
    Also go to www.advrider.com and look under their various bike reviews, or ask questions about the V-Strom in their forum. Lots of guys and gals at ADV have the V-Stroms from the pictures I have seen at their site.

    The Strom is a "soft" all roads tourer. Perfect for road miles on tarmac, ok for normal dirt roads, will not take lots of abuse in harsh off road conditions.
  6. Thanks to all who answered & supplied links i think from what i read im on the right track for my needs. Now all i have to do is get a good trade-in for my trx350 4wheeler
    Thanks Dave
  7. There's been a couple of very comprehensive write ups about both the 650 and the 1000 - just have a search for them and they'll probably answer quite a few of your questions.
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  9. took a stroll into sydney city motorcycles, kogarah today.

    $11,240 ride away. although that price can be improved apon, apparently.

    they had one on the floor but that was already sold and being fitted-out with a top box and panniers at additional cost to that particular purchaser.

    more 'stock' are coming mid to late next wk.

    the '06 bike only come in 'candy blue'.

    they don't have demo's of this bike. although, they do have a 'sv650' you can take out and test to give you a "general' feel.
  10. Be tough when negotiating the price of a new bike and the equipment, if I'm laying out thousands of bucks I'll have the boxes and bash plates and everything one would require for long distance touring included.
    Plenty of shops sell the bikes, if you're not happy with one shop, go to another.
    I always end up with new helmets and jackets and stuff as well.
    Don't ask for the extra stuff for free, insist on it!